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Russia is one of the Super Power in the World. It won Second World War along with US and Great Britain in 1945. It tackled Cold War about 45 years (1945 to 1990) against US, but the then President of Soviet Union Mikhail Gorbachev ended Cold War and Soviet Union broke into 15 Independent Nations (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan) from 18th August 1991 to 31st December 1991. All these had started December 1989 when US President George Bush met with Soviet Union President Mikhail Gorbachev in Malta. US President wanted democratic system in all Soviet Union. It was also a big demand of Capitalists for investing in Soviet Union. Before this, on November 1989, Berlin wall was collapsed and eradicated Communist Government from East Germany. It had created more pressure on Soviet Union President Mikhail Gorbachev to liberalise demand of Democratic People.  In 1992, Boris Yeltsin became the first President of Separated Russia.

Ukraine is one of them who became Independent Nations, but its pace of working is too much high. Within three years, it had been a threat of Russia. It restored Soviet Union’s Nuclear Weapons with the help Western Nations like US and Great Britain in 1992. Its Nuclear Weapons was belonged to Soviet Union (Now Russia). NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) also gave full support to Ukraine to disturb peace of Russia. Russia took control on its Nuclear Weapons and destroyed it by 1998. Although Ukraine signed treaty on NPT (Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons) in 1994. It was only to destroy its Nuclear Weapons, but Russia took control on it. Ukraine did splendid works for its growth, but Western Nations used Ukraine to challenge Russia. Ukraine struck itself in its web. Bilateral Relation between Russia and Ukraine is not good from when Ukraine made itself as an independent nation. In 2014, Russia captured Crimean Peninsula with the help of Pro-Russia Separatists without sending its troops. Russia annexed Crimea into Russian Federation. Now Russia also encourages Pro-Russian Separatists of Donetsk and Luhansk (Both are state of Ukraine) to annexed both states into Russia. Russia does not create any hurdle to other separated Nations from Soviet Union, but why only Ukraine. Reason is that Ukraine plays itself with the hands of US and Great Britain which is an immediate danger and threat for Russia. Ukraine does not follow the treaty which was made at the separation time.  Almost 30 thousand people was killed in Donetsk and Luhansk by 2020. Ukraine had a president who was Pro-Russian. This was Viktor Yanukovych but he was ousted from office due to failure of Crimea issue. He was also Pro-Russian so why he would try not to annex Crimea into Russia.

Although Economy of Ukraine is in good shape. After Crimean Annexation, it was very challenging for Ukraine to stand itself, they did it. Agricultural Goods Production was on record high. If Russia captures Ukraine, it will dominate area of Black Sea. It will take a lot of advantages on its Seaport. Ukraine sells grains to Africans and Gulf Nations. Russia will sell it to these nations. Fertility of Ukrainian soil is also a reason to attack on Ukraine. It is long term plan as Crimea was annexed to keep such agenda in the think tank of Russia. Stalin killed about 4 million people to keep control Ukraine Agriculture in 1932-33. During Second World War, Hitler did not invade on Russia for victory, but wanted only fertile agriculture soil of Ukraine. At present, Russia has unlimited crude oil, but due to shortage of Money, Russia cannot export as it wants.  Industry for Sophisticated Weapons is also doing well. Education Sector of Ukraine is an inspiration for other nations. Lakhs of Indian students pursue their medical degree in Ukraine. In 2019, Ukraine elected a TV Artist Volodymyr Zelenskyy as President of Ukraine. He rooted out Corruption from Ukraine, but he also started to play in the hands of Western Powers. He passed a law in the Parliament of Ukraine to be joint in NATO Forces. After passing this law, He requested NATO to join NATO. This step of Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy was clear threat for Russia. Russian President began to plan attack on Ukraine. US, France, Germany, and Great Britain produced more and more pressure on Russian President Vladimir Putin not to attack on Ukraine. US President made personal attack on Russian President. Western Nations started to sanction on Russian Trade and Banks.

At last Russia stood its army on the border of Ukraine along with border of Ukraine with Belarus. Belarus always supported Russia. NATO accused Russia to attack on Russia on mis-interpretation for joining NATO to Ukraine. Russian President Vladimir Putin criticised NATO for its expansion policy and called out to be barred Ukraine for joining NATO. ON 21st February 2022, Russian officially recognized the Donetsk People’s Republic and the Luhansk People’s Republic and openly sent Russian Army into area of Controlled Pro-Russian Separatists. After three days, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a SPECIAL MILITARY OPERATION in Ukraine. Russian troops entered in Ukraine Eastern and Southern Side. From Northern Side from Belarus side, Attack took place in border area of Ukraine. Russian invasion on Ukraine was criticised badly by World Leaders. But Invasion was continued. Neither US, Great Britain, France, etc. nor NATO came to rescue to Ukraine. Only announcement and speech were done. Heavy Sanctions were imposed on Russia along with Belarus. But it all was in vein. Western Nations abandoned Ukraine during its hardest time. Ukraine President Vladymyr Zelensky called on World Leaders to be stopped war, but nobody was able to stop it. Russian President Vladimir Putin told World Leaders that it was their internal matter and security threat when Ukraine would join NATO. When Cold War is finished and won by US, so why expansion of such military organization in that area. NATO must be nullified. Soviet Union already broke into 15 Nations. India and China both made themselves indifferent from that issue. Only Russia came to rescue India at SECURTY COUNCIL in UN whenever India needs VETO POWER against Terrorism. US, France, and Great Britain become indifferent for India and China openly supports Pakistan and always saves for blacklisting for Pakistan’s Terrorists who continuously plan to attack Mumbai – like terror attack on India soil. Russia take side of India. That is why, India has very good diplomatic ties with Russia and China wants to do such invasion on Taiwan.

Russian has extreme desire to include itself as a super power as before 1990. To become once again a super power, Russia needs a robust economy. For robust economy, Russian supplies natural gas to whole Europe. Recently it began to sell crude oil to China and India. Now Russia has a hawk eye on Agricultural soil to produce more and more grains to export. Russia is now concentrating itself to produce more children. Population of Russia is shrinking day by day. Russia has launched some family scheme to produce more children. To keep a good man power is essential for any nation.  Russia tackled huge loss in Ukraine war, but by now it succeeds its agenda. Russia invaded not only fear from NATO, but also to capture agricultural land of Ukraine. Russia is creating two major perspective for Ukraine and Western Nations. First is push long period of war. It helps Russia to organize its army. Russia did not fight this war like a super power or it fought in the past time. Time will organize Russia well for future point of view. Russia is waiting tiredness of Ukraine Troops. Second is domestic issue for Russia. By now, Russians gave their support to Russian President Vladimir Putin. If war goes long, Putin will get such support in future and make a balance sheet for Ukraine War’s Costing.

It would be very interesting how long period Western Nations could supply essentials and war tool kits to Ukraine. Western Nations have no intentions to fight on the ground for Ukraine against Russia. European Nations face problem for gas supply in its countries. Russia cut its supply to those nations who supported Ukraine. European Nations which need gas for its people, how long they offence themselves against Russia. Russia started mobilization of its citizens in victorious part of Ukraine. It indicates that Russia has very big plan for Ukraine. If Ukraine wins this, People of Russia who mobilized into Ukraine Soil would cost more. By now Russia proved well itself in every war against Napoleon Bonaparte and Adolf Hitler. They both underestimated Russian Army and lost war in the hands of Russia. Now it is challenging for Russia how it performs against US & Great Britain. Offence of Ukraine is totally depend on the help of US and Great Britain. Position of US and Great Britain is looking good due to their leadership challenge. US don’t have dare to challenge a war against any country and Great Britain is not in good position after BREXIT and frequent change in Leadership.


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