By:-RAHUL KUMAR MISHRA||30 - Nov - 2021

Taliban means “STUDENTS” in Arabic. All Talibans are students with sophisticated weapons who conquered Afghanistan twice in 1996 and 2021. Mohammad Mulla Omar was founder of Taliban who captured Afghanistan in 1996. Taliban was established in 1994 by Mohammad Mulla Omar and his son Abdul Ghani Baradar. Taliban refers itself as Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA).  Ideology of Taliban is totally dependent on Sharia Islamic Law based on Deobandi fundamentalism and social and cultural norms of Pashtun (Pashtunwali). Most of Talibans are Tribesmen of Pashtun. Taliban is always supported by Pakistan. When Mulla Omar snatched Afghanistan, ¾ size of Afghanistan was captured, now it is more than 95% size of Afghanistan controlled by Taliban in 2021. This time is no bloodbath between Afghanistan Forces and Taliban Militants. It is complete surrender by Afghanistan Government with 350000 Army Personnel trained by World Best Army United States along with sophisticated weapons. It is very disturbing elements.

Taliban now captured Afghanistan, but Government is not announced by now. It creates frown among Taliban, Haqqani Network Group and Pakistan Intelligence ISI. A general opinion is made public to administer Afghanistan. Taliban was supported not only by Locals, but also by Pakistan Army along with political support from China and Russia. China made a deal with Taliban before taking over Afghanistan for mining on soil of Afghanistan. China wants mining in Afghanistan so China supported Taliban. India have done great infrastructure work in Afghanistan, but got nothing in Mining. India invested too much and made roads. China have also plan to connect Afghanistan with One Belt one Road initiative. Taliban made itself greedy for power in Afghanistan, Entry of China is going something different at this time because China is in Afghanistan only business. Business would happen when Peace could take place. Peace is almost impossible in Afghanistan. There are many countries in World which took money from China and gave authority to China to work, now these nations want china out from their countries. Pakistan itself got struck badly in the hands of China to make built CPEC (CHINA PAKISTAN ECONOMIC CORRIDOR). Now China will make road in Afghanistan for its business. Pakistan though if road would be built, economic growth rises, but China used only its CPEC for transport, not for economic growth of Pakistan. It will happen same in Afghanistan.  Without Technology and education, no nation can grow its economy. Economy of Pakistan and Afghanistan run only with aid of developed nations and World Bank. Now Pakistan and its terrorist outfits will try to destabilize Kashmir with the help of Taliban. But they must think that first Taliban must be free from internal challenge, then look scope in international issues. Untrained militant of Taliban cannot resist an Army of any country.

Now there are two forces working in Afghanistan. First force is China – Pakistan and second one is Russia – India – Iran. They all are looking their own business profits. India is not interested to provide money to Talibani Government, ensured all kind of help for re-building Afghanistan. Russia has also very bad experience in Afghanistan. Afghanistan defeated Russia after ten years long war from 1979 to 1989. India has done a great job since last twenty years for re-building after United States destroyed Afghanistan to search Al – Qaida Terrorist Osama Bin Laden. If China – Pakistan broke into Talibani Government in Afghanistan, India will lose most because it invested time and money both in Afghanistan. United States have no interest in Afghanistan because billion dollars was spent, but output is nothing. United States is now focussing South China Sea row with Japan – Australia – India against China. At this time, World order is set to change. If at this time, China would be resisted, it will be biggest danger for United States’s dominance in the World. United States – Japan – Australia – India have made a group of these Nations, that is called QUAD (Quadrilateral Security Dialogue).

All eyes are set on New Talibani Government. It would be decided by Afghanistan who will stay in Afghanistan. There is direct relation of Afghanistan with China – Pakistan. But at present, there are two forces in Afghanistan. One is Taliban which captured power with the help of China – Pakistan. Second is Haqqani network which is controlled Internal Afghanistan. Both groups became rivalry in Afghanistan. It is said that gun battle took place between these two forces by which Mullah Baradar has been wounded. Stability of Afghanistan is dependent on agreement of Taliban and Haqaani. Both groups are notorious and illiterate. If they cannot reach an agreement in Afghanistan, China will take full advantage on such circumstances.

Evacuation of United States’s forces is set when United States – Taliban met in February 2020 for Peace deal. It was first direct talks between United States and Taliban. Taliban agreed on many things which is not fulfilling right now. Transfer of Power was started from February 2020. US President Joe Biden announced in April 2021 that United States would return from Afghanistan before 11th September 2021. Such announcements increased confidence of Pakistan which gave always safe haven to Taliban and Al – Quaeda outfits. Osama Bin Laden was also given shelter at Abbottabad near Islamabad in Pakistan. Pakistan took innumerable aids from United States, but did nothing for US since 2001 World Trade Centre attack. Pakistan not only gave large shelter to Talibani amd Al – Aquaeda Terrorist, but also made deal with United States arch rival China. Pakistan played double game with United States and China. Now China is looking economic benefits from Afghanistan’s present situation. Role of Pakistan with United States is very suspicious. That is why, United States is taking measuring steps for Pakistan. Donald Trump and Joe Biden both decreased aid amount for Pakistan. Everybody knows that Pakistan Military and its Spy Agency ISI are behind power back of Taliban in Afghanistan. China increases morale of Pakistan to do so that United States could evacuate Afghanistan. China is tutoring diplomacy lesson to Taliban’s leaders. Statements of Talibani leaders are more mature than before any time.

Now communist nations urged that it is needful to help new government in Afghanistan. It must be asked them why it needed to root out a government in Afghanistan. There was nothing needed to change guard in Afghanistan. It was an international conspiracy to take control on natural mines in Afghanistan. Taliban was available when Abdul Ghani was President. But Taliban was not enough strong to Afghanistan army. Taliban was made strong through increasing their morale by China and Pakistan to provide weapons and importance in Afghanistan when United States decided to leave Afghanistan. Now Talibani Government demands money to run the country. These talibani leaders have huge difference how to run the country. Taliban was self dependant in 1996 under leadership of Mullah Omar, but at this time, it is puppet of China and Pakistan. Pakistan wants to Taliban to enter in Kashmir and China wants mining in Afghanistan. Iran and Russia are also working on their interest in Afghanistan, but China would take economic benefits through mining. India is very puzzled situation in Afghanistan because India worked hard on infrastructure in Afghanistan to take mining rights, but it has been given to China after collapsing Afghanistan Government. Now India has no reliable companion in Afghanistan. United States don’t have interest.

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