By:-RAHUL KUMAR MISHRA||09 - Jul - 2021

Israel and Palestine once again engaged themselves in fighting mode. Israel is well made technological nation. Palestine is almost a terrorist country where youngsters and old age people are making bombs and rockets. Palestine must understand that only aggression is not an option to destroy its enemy. Palestine must inject money in their educational system and make itself as advance as Israel. Israel is only one Jewish Nations in the world. It is a hard working nation where service for army is compulsory for its all citizens. Israel spend too much money on its educational system, research & development, and sophisticated weapons made of itself. Israel is now selling its technology to rest of the world. It is almost impossible to match Israel and Palestine altogether. Although Israel is surrounded by Islamic Nations like Egypt, Jordan, Palestine, Amman. But these Islamic nations did nothing to harm Israel. Once in 1967 they tried collectively to defeat Israel, Israel destroyed badly them due to its technology advancement. All these nations are very small countries in Middle East of Asia. Israel has been capturing its land from Islamic Nations since 1920. Israel has only almost 10 million population, these Islamic nations tremble from Israel.

This conflict is most problematic situation for both nations. It has been more than 53 years to occupy West Bank and Gaza Strip for Israel, but no solution has come. Tensions started when First Zionist Congress in 1897 and Balfour Declaration 1917 was made public declarations that there was a Jewish Homeland in Palestine. Jewish who were around the world were started to immigrate in Palestine. Jewish started to fight against Palestine for regaining their homeland. Jewish trained all members of their family to fight against Muslim Dominated Palestine. Slowly and slowly Jewish Community began to outsmart Palestine and captured its area. In this homeland fight between Israel and Palestine, British government extended its whole support to Jewish. British supported Jewish because Jerusalem was situated in Palestine which is most sacred place for Christians. Although Jerusalem is a shrine for Christians, Jewish, and Muslims. For Christians, Jerusalem is the place where Jesus preached and resurrected. For Jewish, it is the only place where Jewish Temple was built. Now there is only Western Wall where Jewish prayed. For Muslims, it is the place from where Prophet Muhammad ascended to heaven on where Al-Aqsa Mosque is situated. Christians and Jewish came altogether to fight against Muslims who captured it. Study shows that it is homeland of Jewish so a nation was mandatory for Jewish. It was made as Israel, a nation for Jewish. Wherever Muslims occupied, they destroyed that place. All sites were converted into Islamic Culture.

Haj Amin Al-Husseinin, Leader of Palestinian Arab Nationalists called Jewish a dangerous marked when Jewish were returning to Palestine. Due to extreme supress of Jewish, a huge violence against Jewish in 1920-21 in Jerusalem and Jaffa. Thousands of Jewish were killed. In 1929, once again Arab Leaders provoked riots against Jewish in Gaza, Safed, and Hebron and Jewish were evacuated from Hebron and Gaza. Such violence was very dangerous for Jewish so Jewish set up the Jewish Paramilitary Force Haganah. Jewish got support from Western Christian Nations like Great Britain and US. Both nations gave full support to Jewish to establish Israrel. Sheikh Izadin Al-Qassam from Syria who prepared for Arab Revolt 1936, was killed by British in 1935. It started huge violence against the British and the Jews. In the first response, Arab Nationalists were too heavy on the British and the Jews by 1936, but after that the British supressed almost all Islamic groups in 1937. Result was that Peel Commission was formed and this commission suggested partition of Palestine. Partition of Palestine was not liked by Palestine Leaders. Jewish Leaders liked this proposal, but some of them were unhappy because they wanted to convert whole Palestine into Israel. Violence erupted most of the area in Palestine by Second World War, but Jewish started to be heavy weight on Palestine Groups. US and Britain helped all a lot with sophisticated weapons to Jewish.

After Second World War, United Nations was formed to resolve such issue. In 1947, United Nations gave Resolution and recommended partition Palestine into an Arab State and a Jewish Israel. Violence once again took place, but at that time, Jewish taught a good lesson for Arab Islamic Groups. By 1948, Arab Forces were defeated badly by Jewish. Gulf Nations supported Palestine Arabs and triggered violence in Middle East against Jewish. But It was all in vein. Result was Jewish became more powerful than Palestine Arabs. US and British helped Jewish because they wanted to free Jerusalem from Muslims. That is why, they supported with full dignity to Jewish. Jewish with the help of Western Christion Nations established itself a nation for Jewish. Jewish got its original land to form A Nation Israel.

On 14th May 1948, Arab League decided to intervene in the favour of Palestine Arab after establishment of Israel. Britain was once again stand with Israel. Both forces march towards each other.  Arab- Israel War was broken out. There was fierce fight between Arab League Nations and British-Israel Forces. Cease-fire took place with an agreement in 1949. Igypt and Jordan were fighting in the support of Palestines. Both Nations supported Suicide Bomber against Israel. In 1959, Egypt separated itself with All Palestine Government. United Arab Republic took control on war between Israel and Palestine. Yasser Arafat, A Militant of Palestine, established Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO). He succeeded to take support of Arab Nations. A war once again thwarted both Nations in 1967. Palestine with the support of Egypt and Jordan attacked fiercely on Israel. PLO Chief Yasser Arafat was gaining too much support from Arab Nations. Israel gained most part of West Bank from Jordan and Gaza Strip from Egypt. PLO was unable to do anything against Israel despite support of Arab Nations. This was Six days war which destroyed too much to PLO, Egypt and Jordan. PLO made its headquarter in Jordan. But after defeating in the war, PLO and Jordan took on each other in 1970. Jordan defeated PLO and ruined its headquarter. This war is called the Battle of Karameh. PLO made once again its Headquarter in South Lebanon. PLO took over a big area there. It was called “FATAHLAND”. PLO began fresh attacks on Israel continuously and airplane hijacking across the world. PLO was fighting Lebanon authority too. In 1982, Israel took side of Lebanon and started war against PLO after assassination of an Israel Diplomat. In few weeks, Israel and Lebanon destroyed PLO’s Headquarter in Lebanon. PLO Chief Yasser Arafat shifted PLO’s Headquarter to Tunisia. In 1993, Israel-Palestine Peace process accorded in Oslo to allow PLO for setting up its headquarter on the soil of Palestine. During this peace process, Israeli Prime Minister Rabin was assassinated by an Israeli person. People of Israel did not want peace process with Palestine. Newly Elected Government of Israel came to power in 1996 and did not apply peace process. During happening such events, Palestine established its army as ‘PALESTINIAN NATIONAL AUTHORITY’.

After unsuccessful attempt of peace, both nations erupted each other in 2004. 130 casualties took place and finally Israeli Prime Minister Sheron removed Israeli army from Gaza Patti. In 2006, Militant Organization HAMAS came to power in Palestine in the election. Israel sanctioned on Palestine by which Hamas accepted Israel-Palestine Agreement done by previous government. After that Hamas and Opposition of Palestine Fatah engaged in political rivalry. Hamas defeated Fatah and took full control on GAZA Strip. Israel imposed naval blockade on Palestine Government. Tension between Israel and Palestine rose in 2009. Israel attacked heavily on Palestine and killed thousands of people due to violence activities against Israel. In 2011, Palestine tried to take membership of United Naions. But it was failed because Hamas controlled Gaza, but other parts were uncontrolled. Although United Nations upgraded Palestine as a non-member State’s observation. PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization) was changed into “STATE OF PALESTINE”. In May 2021, Israel and Palestine once again were face to face because Al-Aqsa Mosque was raided by Israel Security Forces in East Jerusalem. That is why, Palestine became red hot and started to launch rockets on Israel from Gaza Strip. Although Iron Dome was constructed by Israel for its security. But Israel found an opportunity to punish them who were launching on Israel. Israel began to attack on Palestine with external and internal background. At least 200 Palestine’s people were killed and more than 100 building in Gaza Strip were destroyed heavily. Finally US interfered and peace took place for both nations.

Conclusion is that Israel is a research & development nation and Palestine is a terrorist nation. Israel captured most of its ancient homeland and Palestine is shrinking day by day. It is hard to believe where Islam exists, most of the nations are arrested by violence and civil war. It can be seen in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, etc. People from this religion must think why they are being treated like this. Religion bigotry is too high in this religion. Such people must invest its intellectuality on science and technology.

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