By:-RAHUL KUMAR MISHRA||31 - May - 2020

Citizenship is an inflammable issue for every Nation. When & How Citizenship would have to be provided, it is all dependable on Government of that particular Country. All Nations have clear process how to get and lose Citizenship. At this time, Indian Sub-Continent are burning on such issues. As World knows that India was spread with large Geological property. From India, Afghanistan was cut 1837, then Pakistan in 1947, and after that Bangladesh was born due to Civil War between West Pakistan and East Pakistan in 1971. It means that Indian Sub-Continent was divided into four Nations India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. Afghanistan was made by East India, but Pakistan was constructed for Muslims whose leaders demanded a separate Nation from India. It was accepted by both Congress and Muslim League in 1947. British India was burning with Communal Violence. Muslim League also demanded as Representative of Muslims. Congress accepted it. Hindus from Pakistan started to come India and Muslims from India began their journey to Pakistan. Due to Communal Violence, Filled trains with Corpses of Hindus came to India and same from India went to Pakistan. Almost 85% Hindus came to India from Pakistan and same as from India to Pakistan. But Congress Party announced that whose Muslims wanted to go to Pakistan, they could go. If they did not have desire to go to Pakistan, they could stay in India as Citizen of India. India would take care for them.

National Register of Citizens came into limelight in Assam where Illegal Migrants from East Pakistan (Now Bangladesh) had been a big issue as per 1951 Census Data. Due to Vote Bank Politics, it was not maintained. Although at that time, NRC was made in Assam. After that The Illegal Migrants Act, 1983 was passed in the Parliament to be separated a process for Illegal Migrants from Assam. But in 2005, Supreme Court of India nullified this act and directed Government of India to update a Register for Assam. Unfortunately Vote Bank Politics occurred once again. UPA Government did not interest to update National Register of Citizens in Assam. It was continued nearly a decade. Finally Supreme Court of India once again directed UPA Government to update NRC in Assam. At that time UPA Government did nothing to solve this 52 years old issue. When NDA Government came into power in 2014, Process of NRC took place as per guideline of Supreme Court of India. At last in 2019, National Register of Citizens in Assam was updated. Population of Assam were recorded 3.3 Crore in which 19 Lakh Illegal Migrants was out of list. In this list, Hindus and Muslims both were available to leave India. BJP Ruled State did not accept it because of Hindus.

Bangladesh is an Islamic Nation where Muslims can live there without discrimination, but Hindus are being tortured in the Islamic Nations. This was reason by which BJP Ruled State Assam was not ready to implement National Register of Citizens 2019. After that NDA Government announced that National Register of Citizens would be implemented across the Country along with National Population Register. National Population Register (NPR) would be updated on the basis of National Register of Citizens (NRC). Every State of India would update data of Illegal Migrants.

National Population Register a list of the people in which Citizens and Non-Citizens both are included. It is a total population in a certain area. National Population Register would verify Indian Citizens and Non-Indian Citizens in the India. Nobody is going to lose their citizenship in the India. People who are residing more than six months with their plan by which they can would live in the India for another six month, would be included in NPR List. It means that NPR would make two lists. One is for Indian Citizens and second one is for Non-Indian Citizens. According to the Citizenship Rules, 2003, Vajpayee Government issued an order to prepare National Population Register and make National Register of Indian Citizens (NRIC) (Now It is National Register of Citizens or NRC) on the basis of National Population Register (NPR). Local Authority could include Indian Citizens into National Register of Citizens without including Non-Indian Citizens. Such things are also clarified by Modi Government in 2014.

Although Manmohan Singh Government enlisted 119 Crore residents in the India in 2010 through National Population Register. After that, Modi Government took Biometric information through Aadhar Data where it was found that information of crore of the people were found mismatched. Now Modi Government planned to verify National Population Register through the place of birth of Parents, last place of residence and serial number of Official Documents. This NPR List would be prepared by a Software and an Application without taking any documents. It would be only a declaration form. Due to Pandemic Covid 19, it was halted by now. It was about to begin 1st April, 2020.  Modi Government gave relaxation to get Indian Citizenship to Migrants of Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain, Parsi, and Christian of Islamic Nations Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Bangladesh who entered in the India before 31st December, 2014.

The Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019 was passed on 11th December 2019. It amended the Citizenship Act, 1955. Muslims from these three Nations Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Bangladesh were kept out to get Indian Citizenship because these are Islamic Nation which can take care of its Muslims. Population of Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain, Parsi, and Christian in these three Islamic Nations is decreasing dramatically. Either Population of these religions infiltrated in India or they were converted into Islam. These Religions are facing huge Religious Persecution in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. This Amendment also gave relief who were living in India past six years. Before this Amendment, 12 Years was time period to dwell in India to get Indian Citizenship, but it is now 6 years. Some Commentators on National & International Issues argued with Government of India to induct Muslims in CAA Bill because Muslims are being tortured in Sri Lanka, Tibet, and Myanmar. But Government of India replied that India have given Citizenship relief to those religion which are facing extreme religious persecuted by Majority in those Islamic Countries. Actually after partition of India and Pakistan, A large group of population has been entering in India with Border of West Pakistan (Now Pakistan) and East Pakistan (Bangladesh). It was continued when East Pakistan became a separate Nation Bangladesh. Bangladeshi Muslims, Rohingya from Myanmar through Bangladesh, Minority from Bangladesh were continuously coming to India. These Refugees were made Indian Citizens for Votes. Now these Infiltrated Groups have spread across the India. Vote Bank Politics rocked India for these Infiltrators. But Now, Government of India amended in Citizenship Law and gave Citizenship to Religious Persecuted Minorities from Neighbouring Islamic Nations. Muslims are in Majority so Indian Government kept them out of List. Border Issues were pending with Bangladesh by which Infiltration was done a large scale. Previous Government of India were not interested and determined to solve Border issue. When Modi Government came to Power, they firstly solved border issue with Bangladesh so that Infiltration could be stopped permanently. Now Modi Government planned to send infiltrators back to their country.

NRC (National Register of Citizens), NPR (National Population Register), and CAA or CAB (Citizen Amendment Act or Bill) are intertwined one another to deport Illegal migrants from India. First of all, National Population Register (NPR) would be updated with two lists. First would be List of Indian Citizens and Second one for Non-Indian Citizens. After that Non-Indian Citizens would be told to National Register of Citizens (NRC) with original documents by which Infiltrators would be identified. After Identification them, these Infiltrators would be sent to Detention Centre from where they would be deported to their original Nations as per CAA 2019 or CAB 2019 (Citizen Amendment Act 2019 or Citizen Amendment Bill 2019). Procedures are very simple and clear how to deport infiltrators in their Country. But Opposition of India are creating great hurdles for its own Government to stay Illegal Migrants. After passing CAA 2019 in the Parliament, Opposition played dirty politics with some Muslim Groups to oppose violently CAA 2019. Across the Nation, Objectionable Literature and Lecture on CAA 2019 were spread by which SHAHEEN BAGH made history. Everybody knew that No Indian Muslims were at risk to lose their Citizenship in India and this Law was amended for only Infiltrators and Illegal Migrants, but Unfortunately Muslims were made soft prey of Dirty Politics.

There is nothing to deal with NRC, CAA, & NPR for Muslims. They are being victimized through hate speeches of Opposition Leaders. Some Marxist Educational Institutions like JNU & JADAVPUR UNIVERSITY and Some Muslim Majority University like AMU are politicizing such a delicate matter. Border Issue and Illegal Migrants issue must have been solved by now. It has been 73 years of power transfer to Indians from British Government, it is misfortune of India that Our Leaders badly failed to sort National Interest issues out. Governments were elected with majority. No other Nation like India was unable to solve the issue which were struggling since 1947. National Register of Citizens was to be prepared after 1947. National Population Register was needed to update after partition of India and Pakistan. Border was to be closed after a strict guideline for Entry in India. If Kashmir Issue, Ram Mandir Issue, and Border Issue would have been solved immediately after partition, India could look beyond such limits. Time for building India was wasted at large level with no output. Every Citizen of India must not provoke themselves without knowing facts.


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Real fact..

Anshul Bansal

NRC,CAA, or CAB देश में लागू होना जरूरी है,पर कुछ चिरकुट लोग अपने फायदे के लिए और अपना मतलब साधने के लिए इसे लागू होने में समस्या पैदा करवा रहें हैं।

NRC और CAB का विरोध करने वाले एक तरह से देशद्रोही ही हैं।

Ankit singh

Well said

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Excellant guru jee