By:-RAHUL KUMAR MISHRA||14 - Mar - 2020

Islamic State Pakistan is on the verge of collapse on the basis of its Macro Economics. Pakistan makes all its effort to increase militancy against India. Almost whole generation of Pakistan has been arrested by Islamic Bigotry, but they are unable to see their horrible future. If Youngsters picks guns for Mullah Islam, how these youngsters can contribute their efforts for strengthening Economy of Pakistan. For economic growth, Per Capita Income is very important. If Per Capita Income goes down, Grass Domestic Product (GDP) will certainly hit new low. Economy of Pakistan was better than India by 1980. After that, ISI showed a new route to its people to terrorise in Jammu & Kashmir. It was happened when Afghanistan defeated Soviet Union with the help of US. Now the generation of Pakistan from 1980 is playing with the hand of Mulla Islam. If Pakistan involves itself such proxy war, so there is no stability in Pakistan. If Stability does not exist, No MNCs would establish their plant in Pakistan. If such happens, there is no employment. Nation will come in negative circle of Economic Growth. It is exactly happening in Pakistan. That is why, This Islamic Nation is begging loan continuously from Financial Action Task Force (FATF). But FATF keeps Pakistan among GREY LIST (NO LOAN WAS CREDITED SUCH NATION WHICH IS ENLISTED IN GREY LIST). Pakistan Government leaved no stone unturned to come out from GREY LIST, But All efforts were in vein. Pakistan is still in Grey List but June 2020.

Most of Pakistan Economy runs bank of River Sindhu because it is rich in Human and Natural Resources. Pakistan Economy is 42nd Largest Economy as per GDP and 24th as per Purchasing Power Index. According to Per Capita Income, it is 154th in the World. Population of Pakistan is 5th in World Ranking. Although Pakistan Government restricted its population very well. After partition in 1947, Pakistan was an agricultural country where middle class family lived. Pakistan’s GDP Growth Rate was 6.8% in 1960, 4.8% in 1970, 6.5% in 1980, and 4.6% in 1990. It was five decades growth rate of Pakistan. After World entered in 21st Century. Pakistan also entered but it could not get momentum for economic growth. Economy of Pakistan was identified as a highly unstable and vulnerable due to Internal and External Setbacks. Setbacks were Kargil War against India, 9/11 Terrorist attack on US, War in Afghanistan, Global Recession in 2002 and 2008, lack of decisive leadership, etc.

US Exchange Dollars rate was Rs. 58.17 in 2004, but it has become Rs. 163.05 against Dollar in 2019. GDP Growth Rate was 7.70% in 2004, it is now 3.29%. Industrial Growth Rate was 17.37% in 2004, it is totally adverse now with 1.40%. Mining Sector Growth Rate was 21.78% in 2004, but it is now 1.96%. Manufacturing Sector Growth Rate was 18.83% in 2004, it is also in negative with 0.27%. Large Scale Manufacturing Growth Rate was 18.83% in 2004, at present it is also in negative mode with 2.06%. Slaughtering Sector Growth was 3.94% in 2004, but it is now with 3.47%. Agriculture Sector is also bad outcome from 2004 to 2019. Agriculture Sector Growth Rate was 2.85% at that time, but it is now 0.85%. Rice Production was 4.8% increase in 2004, but it is now negative with 7.2%. Sugarcane Production was 53.4% in 2004, but it has become worst now with 67.2%. Cotton Production was 10.0% in 2004, but it is now with 9.9%. Only Service Sector Growth is positive from 6.43% to 6.52%. Per Capita Income was $746 at that time, it is $1497.30 in 2019. It increased twofold in 15 years. Inflation Rate was 4.7% in 2004, while it is in 2019 with negative mode 7.0%. Fiscal Deficit was 129.5 Billion Rupees in 2004, and it is 994.70 Billion Rupees. Fiscal Deficit with percentage of GDP was 2.4%, but it has increased in 2019 with 8.9%.Total External Debt was $35.4 Billion, and it is updated in 2019 with $111 Billion. Foreign Exchange Reserve was $12.39 Billion in 2004, but it is now only $18.08 Billion. It has raised almost $6 Billion in 16 years. Foreign Direct Investment was $949.40 Million in 2004, it increased only with $1563.70 Million by now. In 16 years, it increased only $600 Million. Export was $12.40 Billion with growth rate 13.8% in 2004, but in 2019 it has increased $24.22 Billion with growth rate 2.2%. Import was $13.60 Billion with growth rate 20.0%, it increased by 2019 $56.60 Billion with growth rate 16.2%. Trade Deficit was $1.20 Billion with GDP Percentage 1.2% in 2004, but in 2019 it is $28.22 Billion with GDP Percentage 11.9%.

According to WALL STREET JOURNAL in 2017, it revealed that at least 42% Population now can relate to Upper and Middle Class. These population has a motorcycle and washing machine in every home. It grows rapidly since last fifteen years. Personal Loan was given Rs. 13.7 Billion to the people of Pakistan. Tourism is a boosting sector for Pakistan because of its cultures and landscapes. In this decade, Pakistan attracted 90 Million Tourists. It is double from last decade.

Due to large population growth and lack of education, Young people are in compel to work as Labour. Religious Bigotry is also destroying the generation of Pakistan. Terrorist Outfits pick young people and give salary to their family for livelihood. Those youths work for Terrorist Groups against India. Although Pakistan Government has started a new initiative for new generation. They begin Prime Minister’s Youth Program to tackle Unemployment in Pakistan. This program includes six provision for youths. First is Prime Minister’s Youth Business Loan Scheme in which Young People can take loan from banks to start their own business. Second is Prime Minister’s Interest Free Loan Scheme in which Poor Youth can take Interest Free Loan for new education and work. Third is Prime Minister’s Youth Skill Development Scheme in which Training Centres for Skill Development have established for youth. Fourth is Prime Minister’s Program for Provision of Laptops to Talented Students in which Studious and meritorious students get Laptops from Pakistan Government. Fifth is Prime Minister’s Fee Reimbursement Scheme in which Youth can get Fee Waiver in Schools and Colleges. Sixth is Prime Minister’s Youth Training Scheme in which People take Industrial Training. These Schemes are excellent on Paper, but on ground level, Religious Bigotry is so strong on Education. Corruption in Pakistan also swallows these scheme’s benefits from needy people. Its money is being enjoyed by Government Officials and Leaders’s kins.

Agriculture Sector of Pakistan is doing a very good job. Wheat is most important crop. Pakistan produced 26674000 tonnes wheat in 2017. Pakistan exported 4.5 million tonnes rice. Generally Pakistan exports rice, cotton, fish, oranges and mangoes and imports vegetable oil, pulses, and consumer foods. Pakistan has world largest camel market in the world. Contribution of Agriculture Sector in GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is 53%. Mining is also an important sector for economy of Pakistan. Pakistan has 600000 km2 area for mining. But only 2.8% of GDP has come from this promising sector. Lack of technology and technical education, it is dumb by now. This sector needs investments. Industry also existed in terror hit Pakistan. Industry can do well where war and terror could not take place. If terror and war would be available, industry cannot be developed. Investors need security and peace for production. If Industry does good, Unemployment problem of Pakistan will be solved forever. New Generation of Pakistan would not be radical. This sector has 18.17% share in GDP. Cement, Fertiliser, Edible Oil, Sugar, Steel, Tabacco, Chemicals, and Machinery are some major industry in Pakistan. Pakistan Government now has started to privatize Public Sector Units. It needs peace and secure environment for good privatization.

Defence Industry of Pakistan is evergreen industry. It produces sophisticated weapons and arms. It includes AL KHALID 2, ADVANCE TRAINER AIRCRAFT, COMBAT AIRCRAFT, NAVY SHIPS AND SUBMARINES. Pakistan manufactures and sells its arms to about 40 countries and earns $20 million annually. Textiles Industry in Pakistan is traditional in Punjab State. It exports 70% goods made of Textiles. Service Sector of Pakistan is largest contribution in GDP. It includes Transport, Storage, Communications and insurance. Most of the private jobs comes out from Service Sector.

Pakistan is rich country where poor lives. This proverb is also suitable for India too. But it is suited to Pakistan too. Government of Pakistan and Army of Pakistan only create hurdles for India. But such hurdles have backfired to Citizens of Pakistan. Generation to Generation of Pakistan becomes soft prey religious bigotry. They become terrorists physically or mentally. Due to such atmosphere in Pakistan, growth derails there. That is why, Security and Peace do not exist in Pakistan. So No FDI (FOREIGN DIRECT INVESTMENT) comes to Economy of Pakistan. Now China built CPEC (China – Pakistan Economic Corridor as part of ONE BELT ONE ROUTE INITIATIVE). Pakistan earns money from China but this money is wasting for Islamic Radicalization against India. China is influencing more in Internal Policy of Pakistan. It is very dangerous situation of Pakistan. Strategy of United States of America now has changed. Pakistan needs to change its coming generation so that Pakistan could escape from China and Religious Bigotry.

Pakistan was denied loan from various platforms. Citizens of Pakistan and its Government must re-consider its strategy for India. It has been 73 years on, every war against India, Pakistan was defeated in 1948, 1965, 1971, and 1999. Finally Pakistan was divided into Nations, but despite it, Pakistan is always trying to destabilize India and has stood itself on the Bankrupt and Economical collapse.

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Pakistan is beggar country

Pakistan is slave of china.

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Pakistan is danger for its neighbouring countries.


Write on India too.


gst and demonetization are very bad for India.

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Very good analysis 👌 exactly new generation of pakistan would not be radical.

Kanchan mishra


Vinay Kumar Upadhyay advocate

Pakistan would not improve itself, but it is easy to expire as a nation.


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