By:-RAHUL KUMAR MISHRA||01 - Feb - 2020

Economic Growth fluctuates as per scenario of India along with World. It is down now by about 5.5% on Grass Domestic Product. It went on by 8.2% in 2016. But there is one thing that never slumps due to any crises. That is Population Growth of India. Population of India never goes down into crises like Unemployment, Corruption, Surge on Crude Oil, Budget Deficit, loss in the election, Mansoon of India, Situation like war with Neighbouring Nations, Floods, Drought, Epidemic, etc. Such genuine issues never become reason for decreasing Population of India. Population Growth of India is evergreen positive trends. Efforts of Central Government and State Governments go in vein to improve life standard of Indians due to increasing Population. Indians think if members of family increase, it will dominate their family in that place. Indians believe this ideology that Children are gift of God, so carry on to be born infants and destroy the life of females. It seems that females only are born to be pregnant and give birth many children in their life. Indians must keep away from their wives, then see how many gifts were given by God. Indians have connected their population growth with their respective religions and communities. Once The then Prime Minister of India Indira Gandhi tried to control Population and made forcefully vasectomy, but only for Hindus. India is only Nation in the world where taxes are taken from parents of two Children’s family and subsidies are distributed to parents of dozen children’s family. Tax Collection of Indians are being misused to provide subsidy to Un-controlled parents.

At present, India is second most populated country after China. It is about 1/5th of World Population. As per most 2011 census, Population of India was 1.2 Billion (120 Crore). It is estimated that Population of India will go up 1.35 Billion (135 Crore) by 2021 census. India has 65% population of youth by 35 years. Birth rate of India is 20.2 as per 1000 Population while Death rate is only 6.3 as per 1000 Population as estimated in 2017. Difference is 13.9 for increasing population of India with leap and frog. Sex Ratio of India is 944 females as per 1000 males as per 2011 census. Sex Ratio is increasing in 21st Century. India occupies 2.41% land area of the World, but it has more than 18% population of the World. India is second in Population but seventh in area in the World.

According to Colin Peter McEvedy, A British Scholar and Author on Demography of the World, Population of India including Pakistan and Bangladesh was 100000 persons in 10000 BC when Stone Age was called in Ancient History of India. After that Population of India was increasing 3.9% growth per 100 years. At 200 BC, It increased to 42500000 by Maurya Era (Time of Chanakya and his discipline Chandragupta Maurya). When India entered in AD from BC, Population of India was 60000000 people with Population Growth Rate 18.8% per century. At the time of Gupta Dynasty, it became rational. From 1 AD to 1200 AD, Population of India grew from 60000000 to 79800000 with Growth Rate 9% per 100 years. At 1191 AD, Muhammad Gori attacked on India and fought with Prithvi Raj Chauhan in First War of Tarain. Muhammad Gori was defeated badly by Rajput Army of Prithvi Raj Chauhan. Second War of Tarain took place in 1192 AD in which Prithvi Raj Chauhan lost the battle against Muhammad Gori due to dissension of Rajput Kings who did not fight with Prithvi Raj Chauhan. After that Population of India started to boom massively. Although at 712 AD, Muhammad – Bin – Quasim attacked and defeated to King DAHIR of SINDH, but Population of India did not boom. When Muhammad Gori became the Ruler of Delhi, Population of India increased fast. From 1192 AD to British East India Company, Muslim Invaders ruled over India. There were some famous dynasties like SLAVE DYNASTY, TUGHLAQ DYNASTY, KHILZI DYNASTY, LODI DYSNASTY by 1526 AD. After onwards, Babar defeated Ibrahim Lodi in First War of Panipat and established MUGHAL DYNASTY. This dynasty ruled over India untill British East India Company captured India. At 1400 AD, Population of India grew to 92900000 people. By the end 18th Century, Population of India increased dramatically from 92900000 people to 190400000 people. Islam Religion and Muslim Rulers changed the demography of India. From 1871 AD, British Government started Census at every ten years. Population of India was 238830958 People. As per 1941 Census, it increased to 388997955 People. After 54 years of Independence of India, it crossed 100 crores as per 2001 Census and became 1028737436. Now Population of India is set to overtake China to become World Most Populated Country.

According to Census 2011, Population of India is 1210854977 Persons in which Hindus are 966378868 person with 79.80%, Muslims are 172245158 persons with 14.23%, Christians are 27819588 persons with 2.30%, Sikhs are 20833116 persons, Buddhists are 8442972 persons with 0.70%, Jains are 4451753 persons with 0.37%, others are 7937734 persons with 0.66%, and Not Stated is 2867303 persons with 0.24%. Population of Others and Not Stated is about 12500000 persons. It is needful to find out who they are.

Percentage of Hindus Population is shrinking trend. As per Census 1951, Percentage of Hindus was 84.10%. Now it has been 79.80%, According to Census 2011. While Percentage of Muslim Population was 9.8%, now it is 14.23% as per Census 2011. Sikhs was at 1.79% and now they are at 1.72%. Christians have same percentage in Census 2011 with Census 1951. Others Buddhism and Jains have nominal change in percentage of Population. But Percentage of Muslims has increased from 9.8% as per Census 1951 to 14.23% as per Census 2011 and Not Stated Population becomes from 0.43% as per Census 1951 to 0.90% according to Census 2011. It is an alarming bell for other Religion especially Hindus except Muslims. Through such facts, it can be seen that Percentage Hindus Population is decreasing and Percentage of Muslims Population is increasing.

Now Population of India is fastest growing in the World. Intruders from Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Rakhine State in Myanmar (Rohingya), Sri Lanka, and Maldives are reaching India. There is major concern with Bangladeshi and Rohingya from Rakhine. As per Security Agency of India, Bangladeshi and Rohingya from Rakhine can be terrorist. They have linked with Bomb Blast in India. So Indian Government is very serious for these Intruders. Crores of Bangladeshi and Rohingya are roaming free in India without their identity. India has been a DHARMSHALA for everybody. As per order of Supreme Court of India, Assam Government made National Register for Citizens (NRC) in which at least 1900000 Intruders were caught living in Assam without their identity. NRC was processed on people who entered India after 1971. So such a large number of people came in the ambit of NRC. Especially Hindus and Muslims Intruders came to India from Bangladesh. Rohingya also accompanied them. Rohingya are from Rakhine in Myanmar where they were beaten and chased away. Firstly They come from Myanmar to Bangladesh by Boat, then they entered India. Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan are Islamic Nations so they can keep their Muslims Population well, but Non – Muslims (Hindu, Sikh, Christian, Parsi, Jain, and Buddh) from these Islamic Nations are tortured, so they come to India. Minorities Population in these Islamic Nations are decreasing dramatically. It is a global concern why such things are happening there in the name of Religion. That is why, Indian Government passed Citizen Amendment Act (CAA) 2019 to save intruded Non – Muslims who entered India by 31st December 2014. It is a clear message for Muslims from Islamic Nations Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan not to enter India and Intruded Muslims would be sent back their respective Nations. These Muslims can apply for Indian Citizenship according to legal process of Indian Government. It is applicable for every Nations in the World.

Indian Muslims are staging DHARNA for those Bangladeshi and Rohingya to scrap CAA so that all Intruded Muslims or Non – Muslims can get Indian Citizenship. They say that India is Secular Country and Citizen Amendment Act 2019 is unconstitutional. Protestors against CAA must understand that India is Secular Country for its citizens, not for foreigners. “SECULAR” Word in the Preamble of Indian Constitution was added in 42nd Amendment of Indian Constitution 1976. “SECULAR” Word was not present in the Constitution by 1976. Constitution Assembly did not include “SECULAR” Word in the preamble of Indian Constitution. 72 years on, National Register for Citizens (NRC) could not take call by now. NRC must have been done after 1947. Fortunately It is in the process to apply NRC across the Country, Unfortunately it is being opposed by its own Citizens to gift Indian Citizenship for Intruders. NRC has been applied by every country in the World. It logically correct that data of its citizens must be available with Government. Whenever whoever goes to Cinema, Hotel, Shrine, School, College, etc. with their Identification Documents, then Country must have such data of its citizens.

To give Citizenship to people of other countries is easy, but there is a matter of their livelihood. Population of India already is challenging mode. Now India needs to bring Population Control Bill in Parliament to restrict Population of India. Population Control Act has been applied in Islamic Nations like Iran, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc. There are at least 57 Islamic Nations in world. At present, Muslim Population in the World is 24.1%. When Muslims enter in a country, then slowly and slowly they bear children. That country becomes Islamic Nations. Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia etc. were not Islamic Nations, but due to Population explosion of Muslims, they now have become Islamic Nations. If Government of India does not restrict Muslim Population, India itself would be an Islamic Nation.


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Very good assembled information and approach

Anupam Sharma

Hindu is sleeping.

Sumit Ojha

Correct vision and collective information

Sneha Som

Great job by author. I think, why all these informations are hide from us? And we know only one sided histor

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creation of job is important, not control it.


Excellent content . Move on more and more.

Rangoli Majumdar

आप अपने ज्ञान से हमसब के ज्ञान में विस्तार कर रहें हैं।

CAA,NRC और CAB के लिए जो अनर्गल विरोध प्रदर्शन चलाये जा रहें उनका साथ पूर्ण बहुमत से जो हिन्दू दिए चले जा रहें हैं यह बहुत ही सोचनीय है।

जातियों में फंसे हिन्दू अपनी ही जड़ों को खोदने में लगे पड़े हैं।यह सरकार के कामों और देश के हितो में बाधक है।

बहुत खूब आर्टिकल है आपका।ऐसे ही लिखते रहें।

ये सब की जड़ कांग्रेस है उसे पानी पिलाना बंध करे देशद्रोहीओ की life line कट जायेगी


Well done, guru