By:-RAHUL KUMAR MISHRA||26 - Jan - 2020

Kashmiri Hindus were kicked out from their own houses and properties from Kashmir Valley. At least 500000 people were displaced forcefully after announcement from 1100 mosques in Kashmir Valley. Only reason was there that they are Hindus in Kashmir Valley. Whenever Muslims would be only 1 or 2 in numbers, they say “RAM RAM”. When they in 3 or 4, they would begin to say “ALLLAH ALLAH”. At last when their population crosses more than 50%, they become Muslim Invaders like Muhammad Bin Quasim, Mohammad Gori, Taimur Lung, Changhez Khan, etc. It was happened at Kashmir Valley on 19th January 1990. Radicals Islamists had given three options to Kashmiri Hindu. First was to change their religion, or second was to migrate from Kashmir Valley, or third was to embrace death. Wives, Mothers, Daughters and Sisters of Kashmiri Hindus were raped and killed brutally. Kashmiri Hindus were being killed one by one. Their Houses were being torched. State Government was quite mute. Central Government made Home Minister of India to Mufti Muhammad Saeed, Father of Mahbooba Mufti in December 1989. Farukh Abdullah was Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir. No one did anything to give relief to Kashmiri Hindus. First time in Independent India, First time Muslim was made Home Minister of India and Kashmiri Hindus were raped, killed and kicked out from Muslim Majority the Kashmir Valley. Whatever was happened on 19th January 1990, it was not a sudden work. It was being planned long time ago. When Mufti Muhammad Saeed became Home Minister of India under Vishwanath Pratap Singh’s Prime Ministership, Radicals Islamists found morale support from State Government led by National Conference and Home Minister of India. That is why, Kashmiri Hindus were made disappeared from the Kashmir Valley. Once First Home Minister of India Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel suggested First Prime Minister of India Jawahar Lal Nehru to reside Sikhs and Hindus who were coming from Pakistan after partition of India. But First Prime Minister of India Jawahar Lal Nehru did not agree and replied that Kashmiriyat would finish. If Displaced Hindus and Sikhs from Pakistan were resided in Kashmir Valley, No Exodus of Kashmiri Hindus would have taken place.

In 1975, an agreement took place between the then Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and Sheikh Abdullah of National Conference in which Sheikh Abdullah became Chief Minister of Jammu & Kashmir after 22 years. This tie laid Jammu and Kashmir towards India. JKLF (Jammu & Kashmir Liberation Front) based in POK (Pakistan Occupied Kashmir) opposed this agreement. After the defeat in 1971 war of Pakistan, ISI (Inter-Service Intelligence) plotted to spread Wahhabism at the place of Sufism in Jammu & Kashmir. Sufism Islam was present there from 13th century, but slowly and slowly Wahhabism took over Sufism. It communalized Jammu & Kashmir a lot. Religious Bigotry began in the State. The then Chief Minister Sheikh Abdullah changed the name of 2500 villages into Islamic names. It was formal starting of Islamization of Jammu & Kashmir. Sheikh Abdullah began to deliver speeches in the mosques of Jammu & Kashmir like he used to deliver in 1930s. He gave openly communal speeches and said “MUKHBIR” to Hindus of Valley and declared that Hindus were informers of Indian Government. Since then, Exploitation of Kashmiri Hindus was started. In 1980, war between Soviet Union and Afghanistan occurred. Afghanistan gave arms to Afghani Jihadi to fight against Soviet Union with help of United States of America. After war, Pakistan Spy Agency ISI turned Afghani Jihadi towards Jammu & Kashmir. It was starting point of militancy in Jammu & Kashmir. Kashmiri Hindus were threatened and began to kill. Abduction, Kidnapping, rapes, etc. of Kashmiri Hindus were in trend in the valley. Jammu & Kashmir Liberation Front and Jamaat – E – Islami made propaganda against India. Militant Maqbool Bhat of JKLF was executed death penalty by High Court of Jammu & Kashmir in 1984. Muslim Kashmiri youth did a large violent protest against India. At that time, the then Chief Minister Farukh Abdullah, Son of Sheikh Abdullah, visited POK (Pakistan Occupied Kashmir) and shared stage with Chief of Jammu & Kashmir Liberation Front. This act of Farukh Abdullah embarrassed too much. The then Prime Minister of India Rajeev Gandhi replaced Farookh Abdullah as Chief Minister and made his brother in Law G M Shah Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir. G M Shah had no public support so he decided to do favour for Radical Islamists. He took decision to build a mosque at a temple in Jammu area in February 1986. This led tension between Hindus and Muslims in Jammu area. Protest was continued against this decision. He returned to Kashmir valley and told Muslims, “ISLAM KHATARE MEIN HAI.” (ISLAM IS IN DANGER). The then Chief Minister erupted negative sentiments against Kashmiri Hindus in the Kashmir Valley. Kashmiri Hindus were begun to target by Kashmiri Muslims cum Militants of Jammu & Kashmir Liberation Front and others terror outfits. Kashmiri Hindus were killed. Females were abducted, raped and killed with cruelty. Houses of Hindus were plundered and torched. On 12th March 1986, M G Shah Government was scrapped and the then Governor of Jammu & Kashmir Jagmohan took over charge of Jammu & Kashmir. In 1987, State Election was held in which Radical Islamists under MUSLIM UNITED FRONT were defeated by Secular Parties Congress and National Conference. After election, terrorists were killing everybody who spoke Pro-India thought. Jammu & Kashmir Liberation Front launched Anti-India and Anti-Kashmiri Hindu Propaganda. They launched a new slogan “NIZAM – E MUSTAFA. (RULE OF MOHAMMAD). Radical Islamists started campaign Islamist Social, Economic and Political System there. It was totally planned preparation to cut Jammu & Kashmir off from India. Governments were changed, but their agenda against India and Kashmiri Hindus never changed. In July 1988, JKLF launched a more propaganda for Independence and Separation from India and chanted slogans to mingle with Pakistan.

Killing to Kashmiri Hindus was started from 14th September 1989 when Terrorists killed Lawyer and BJP Leader Pandit Tika Lal Taploo.  A fear came into the mind of Kashmiri Hindus. One by one Prominent names of Kashmiri Hindus were being terminated by Terrorists. At that time, Vishwanath Pratap Singh was Prime Minister of India. Peoples Democratic Party Chief Mufti Muhammad Saeed was Home Minister of India. National Conference Chief Farooq Abdullah was Chief Minister of Jammu & Kashmir. Central Government was weak due to Coalition Government. A large group of Political Parties was in Government. Mufti Muhammad Saeed became first Muslim Home Minister of India. Ram Mandir Issue was also ringing. Circumstances went to favour of Radical Islamists. High Court Judge Nilkanth Ganju who had given death penalty to Maqbul Bhat was shot dead. Daughter of Home Minister of India Mufti Muhammad Saeed was abducted and Terrorists of JKLF demanded to release five prominent terrorists. This demand was fulfilled by Central Government of India within Indian premises. On 4th January 1990, News Paper AFTAB threatened openly to Kashmiri Hindus to leave Jammu & Kashmir on the behalf of Militant Outfit HIZBUL MUJAHIDDIN. At that time, Jagmohan was made Governor of Jammu & Kashmir who once dismissed Farooq Abdullah Government in 1984. Farooq Abdullah resigned from CMship because of Jagmohan. Governor Jagmohan dissolved Jammu & Kashmir Assembly on 19th January 1990. This was the date when Radical Islamists announced from about 1100 Mosques to vacate Kashmir Valley to Kashmiri Hindus and gave three options to Kashmiri Pandits. First was to adopt Islam, or second was to flee way from Jammu & Kashmir, or third was to embrace death. On 21st January 1990, GAWKADAL MASSACRE took place in Sri Nagar in which Indian Security Forces opened fire on Radical Islamist Protestors. At least 50 persons died. But Kashmiri Hindus were thrown out from Kashmir Valley.

Kashmiri Hindus were cheated by their elected leaders who advocated Unity of Hindus and Muslims. No Pakistani Army or Pakistani Citizens came to India and kicked Kashmir Hindus out of their own ancestor’s houses and properties. Those were Indian Muslims who celebrated every festival altogether with Kashmiri Hindus. Previous Indian Governments must have scrapped Article 370 and Article 35A. Indians could not purchase land there because of such Articles. Sheikh Abdullah went on speeches against other religions and India. Muslims were radicalized against Hindus. At present, wherever Population of Muslims crosses more than 40%, they begin to harass Hindus at that place. There are a lot of places where people cannot chant slogans in the favour of India. People cannot celebrate victory over Pakistan in Cricket Match. Some Leaders in India who do appeasement politics for Vote Banks. Such Leaders must understand that Hindus never create hurdles to any religion, but Hindus are targeted. Terrorist Attacks in India were categorized to conspire against Hindus in 2008.

Females of Kashmiri Pandits were raped and killed in front of their family members. Males were done genocide. Houses of Kashmiri Pandits were torched. Temples were demolished one by one. By now, Not a single Kashmiri Pandit was sent back to their own forefather's house. At Present, Indefinite supports are being collected against CAA. Truth is that CAA is not against any Citizens of India. It is very unfortunate that Opposition Parties never sat on DHARANA for Kashmiri Pandits. Kashmiri Pandits were and are the Citizen of India. Indian Opposition Parties and some intellectuals are with Foreign Citizens who intrude illegally in India. Such Parties are supporting Illegal Intruders, not Kashmiri Pandits who have Indian Citizenship. All Activists of Human Rights kept and keep silent on forcefully Migration of Kashmiri Pandits. 30 years on, No body staged Dharna and worried to save Indian Constitution in Jammu & Kashmir. Congress and other Political Parties have not changed their working towards India by now.


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Opposition is secular.

KASHMIRI Hindu must re-dwell in Kashmir Valley.


Good Writing but It happened more disastrous than above writing.

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It was sad moment. But we are with them.


Thanksfor highlighted the fact ofkashmiri pandit

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Good Article

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Salute u to gives us such type of realistic information .keep it up.

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बहुत विस्तृत जानकारियाँ उपलब्ध हुई हैं,इस आर्टिकल में कश्मीरी हिंदुओं के अमूमन सभी प्रकार के कारकों पर प्रकाश डाला है

वाकई कश्मीरी हिन्दुओं की जो दुर्गति हुई उनकी तरफ़ से उनकी बात रखने कोई नहीं आया कोई धरना प्रदर्शन नहीं हुआ।

आजकल जो बेतूकी बातों पर फर्ज़ी धरना प्रदर्शन चलाया जा रहा है,इनकी कोई जरूरत नहीं है पर लोगों को कौन समझाए ये समझना ही नहीं चाहते।

बहुत अच्छा विश्लेषण।