By:-RAHUL KUMAR MISHRA||19 - Jan - 2020

US Presidential Election 2020 is set to take grip across the world. US President is considered most powerful person in the world. His election process is also very tough. In US, there are two political parties Democratic and Republican. There is a direct election process for President of US. A lot of debates on National & International issues are processed among the candidate of US Presidential Election. There is four year term for President of US. Within party cadre, Aspirants of Presidential Candidate debate one another on National & International Issues. At last Voting is made within party cadre for nomination for Presidential Election and only one candidate becomes candidate of Presidential Election from each party. A number of rallies are organized where Candidates debate each other on issues. There are only two political parties so only two candidates are in the fray for Presidential Election. There are many nominations for Presidential Election from each political party. These candidates fights on National & International issues each one another within their respective party.

There are innumerable issues in Presidential Election 2020. Trade is an inflammable issue because era of raising tariff has been begun. US is continuously a prey of mass shooting. Gun Control is also big issue. Climate change is an evergreen issue across the world. US President Donald Trump nullified Paris Pact on Climate Change. Its effect is running the world. Immigration has been tougher for Non – Americans. It can play a vital role in the election. Border issue with neighbouring countries is big issue how to handle it because it can bitter relation with neighbouring countries. US is building wall on Mexico Border to stop illegal immigration. President Donald Trump scrapped OBAMA CARE. He needs health policy to counter with OBAMA CARE. Discipline in Governing Bodies of US Administration like Judiciary, Defence, Advisory Committee, etc. is matter of concern because President’s supporting bodies have not rescued him when needed. Creditability of US President is also huge issue because President Trump’s Tweets creates hurdle and raise a question on this designation. Sliding position of US President in International Politics is an issue. It must be discussed. Candidate of Democrat will leave no stone unturned to defeat to Donald Trump.

When Donald Trump became President of United States of America, he revised trade deals with rest of world because it was his top priority during election campaign. First of all, he replaced NAFTA (North America Free Trade Agreement with USMCA (United States – Mexico – Canada Agreement). He negotiated with Mexico and Canada. NAFTA was established by these Nations in 1994. Although USMCA was not revolutionary deal. It was like NAFTA. Now this deal was not fruitful for Donald Trump. He revised US Tariff for rest of world. He raised protectionism in US and tried to lower tariffs for American goods to exported countries like India and China. It is totally correct that at present most of the Nations do not open their market for others Nations despite FTA (Free Trade Agreement). World is becoming a protected economy. This issue is big agenda for Presidential Election 2020. US is world leader for economy so American’s points of view on this inflammable issue would be a great parameter. Although china is giving a tough competition to US, but Chinese Imported Goods is biggest challenge for rest of countries how to handle with balance of trade and balance of payment. Nobody likes Chinese Goods, but its products are ruling over world. To save the world economy, Management on Chinese imported goods must be identified and sorted out within a frame. World must unite on this issue. World can give US a leadership to US to tackle this issue.

It is also a big issue for Election 2020. At present, US President is not being taken seriously through his dialogue on Social Sites. Administration differences come on the surface with internal and external issues. NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) have started to ignore him. European Nations like Great Britain, France, Germany, etc. look daggers to US. Trump Administration is favourite With China. Face off on economic issues ended with Economic curbs. Respect on President’s Designation of US hurt most. Every democratic leader must think first, then tweets or issues statements. Donald Trump is not such personality because he is a business man. He has no proper experience of diplomatic arena in the world. Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping, Narendra Modi, Shinzo Abe handle situation with diplomatic dialogues. Head of a Country must be politically and diplomatically correct. Donald Trump has given a lot of reason by which it can be understood that he needs to read the situation, then delivers his views. He leads world most powerful country so his dialogues do not effect for him, but US. His irresponsible working style has led him for impeachment. House of Representatives cleared his impeachment and became third President of US who has been impeached on the basis of abuse of Power and obstruction of Congress.

US President replaced his executive team at multiple times. He changed National Security Advisor, White House Chief of Staff, White House Communication Director, Secretary of Health and Human Services, etc. it means that by now he has not found his correct team to lead the US. Although his first tenure is on the verge of end.

US always becomes witness of mass shooting in which innocent people were killed. US Constitution allows to keep Arms for Self -Protection as per Second Constitutional Amendment 1791. Although State Agencies monitors Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and explosives, but reign in mass shooting has not been eliminated. Mass shooting incidents are being continuously taken place at regular interval in US. There is need to strict law at country wide. It is an inflammable issue for Presidential Election 2020. The Gun Control Act 1968 regulates that Citizens and Legal residents should be more than 18 years old to purchase shot guns and rifles. Such a heinous crimes witnessed in 2016 when 49 people were killed in an Orlando Nightclub. A survey tells World that 46% Citizens of US keep firearms.

President Donald Trump did splendid job for controlling illegal immigrants from Mexico to US after building Wall along the border of Mexico. Although the Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) 1986 was passed by The then President Ronald Reagan by which was legalized all illegal immigrants by 1st January 1982. It was first time when attempted to control Illegal Immigrants in US. After that US enacted the Immigration Act 1990 in which legal immigrants enter for work every year, was selected for working visas. In 1996, US enacted the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act in which 15 Years punishment was scheduled if Undocumented Immigrants was found in US. Mexico is most dangerous spot to enter in US for not only for Mexicans but also other nation people. First time, George Bush in 1990 constructed 14 miles fencing along the San Diego – Tijuana Border. After that George W. Bush started a wall between Mexico and US to stop illegal migrants in 2006. After that Barak Obama did nothing to control Illegal Immigration. President Donald Trump took strict action against immigrants who entered from Mexico. He started once again building wall. This wall is 3145 Kilometers along the border of Mexico. 

Climate is an inflammable issue in Presidential Election 2020. President Donald Trump scrapped Paris Climate Deal 2016 done by Barak Obama. Barak Obama signed with all nations to reduce Fossil Fuel Emissions from US Power Plant. Greta Thunberg, a Jovial Activist of Sweden on Climate raised her voice from Europe to bring natural things back. Finally President Donald Trump did not want to reduce fossil fuel emissions in US. Rest of world criticized US many times for withdrawing Paris Climate Deal. Many European Nations are very angry with Donald Trump. Now Davos 2020 in Switzerland would be hot spot where once again World Community will meet and decide on this issue. President Donald Trump is in pressure to attend Davos 2020 because Internal Politics, he is being impeached and External Politics, he will face stunt oppose from World Leaders. Whatever would be happened in Davos 2020 will lead an agenda for Presidential Election 2020.

Health Care is always issue for Polls in the US. When Barak Obama was elected the President of US. He brought PPACA (Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act). That is called OBAMACARE. In this act, Health Benefits are being provided especially to middle class family and lower income groups.  President Donald Trump brought ACA (Affordable Care Act) to kill PPACA (Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act). It was short time health care from three months to 12 months. But ACA could not be passed in the House due to support for PPACA.

Although President Donald Trump have done many things which are not a character of US President. Every American must think that there is any better option for Presidential Ship. Donald Trump secures American Border so that No Intruders illegally could enter US. He made strict VISA Policy and Green Card System by which Americans could get jobs at first preference. President Trump always stand with American Industrialists who provide jobs at large numbers. He raised Harley Davidson Bike’s issue to decrease Tariff with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. President Trump tried his best to deal with North Korea keep out of Nuclear Bomb from North Korea. With Iran, He is using everything to stop Iran for making Nuclear Bomb. He never pretended with interest of his country. He is very open to deal with China so that Trade and Tariff war could end between both Nations. Donald Trump gave slogan “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN” in 2016 Presidential Election. This slogan was first time used by Ronald Reagan in 1980 Presidential Election. Result was that Soviet Union was broken into 15 Nations. American must see now Donald Trump how he will make “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.”

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Nice expected Political parties in democracy in America

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Make India great again.


Trump is enemy of Islam.


Very good and knowledgeable article. Thanks Rahul ji

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america will never be great again due to trump.


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