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Indian Government gave space to Pakistan to enter across the Line of Control. Pakistan always tried to unrest Jammu & Kashmir. The then Prime Minister Mr. Jawahar Lal Nehru saved KASHMIRIYAT on the cost of demanding new nation or merger with Pakistan, but not in India. Indian Government brought up Jammu & Kashmir as a state of India. Expenditure on Jammu & Kashmir was done by Indian Government. Result was that demanding a separate nation or merger with Pakistan. Pakistan did not stop itself to derail situation of Jammu & Kashmir. 


Pakistan had been a failure to capture whole Jammu & Kashmir. United States of America made a military pact with Pakistan in 1950. American Army gave training to Pakistan Army. United States of America provided bulk quantities of armour and sophisticated weapons to Pakistan along with huge economic aid. Pakistan Army trained at least 30,000 Jihadi for Guerrilla war to infiltrate in India. They were given sophisticated weapons to attack on India. This operation was called by Pakistani Army “OPERATION GIBRALTAR”. Pakistan started to think that Pakistan would defeat India. Pakistan made a conspiracy against India with Jihadi. Mr. Ayub Khan took over control on Pakistan as Dictator. He was in full confidence that Pakistan would do really well. He was Army Chief of Pakistan when he captured democratic government of Pakistan.

Pakistan thought that India was in a weak situation after India – China War in which India lost Trans-Karakoram Area. Aksai Chin Area was also taken by People’s Republic Army of China. Pakistan planned to attack on India on 1st September 1965. At this time, Mr. Lal Bahadur Shastri was Indian Prime Minister. He was very honest person. When he became Prime Minister of India, then he changed the designation of Prime Minister of Jammu & Kashmir into Chief Minister of Jammu & Kashmir and SADRA – I – RIYASAT into Governor. At last Pakistan attacked on India its planned date on 1st September 1965 with 30,000 Jihadi Groups and outfits. That attack was done very swiftly. Indian Army controlled them on Line of Control. On the other hand, Indian Troops reached near Lahore on 23rd September. Pakistan Army embarrassed very much.

Finally United Nations told both Nations for ceasefire. Both Nations became status quo. Indian Prime Minister Mr. Lal Bahadur Shastri and Pakistan dictated President Mr. Ayub Khan met at Tashkent in Soviet Union (Now in Ujbekistan). Both Nations agreed to respect Cease fire Line and would not interfere each other’s internal matter. Due to unexpected circumstances, Mr. Lal Bahadur Shastri expired in Tashkent and India lost its advantage on Pakistan after foiled attack of 30,000 Pakistan’s Troops. Kashmir issue once again remained controversial. India had huge advantage at that time because OPERATION GIBRALTER failed badly, but it could not be cashed in.


After OPERATION GIBRALTER, Pakistan had become itself busy due to Civil War in East Pakistan (Now Bangladesh). There were many discrimination faced by East Pakistan’s People. That is why, they collected and revolted against its authority which was based in West Pakistan. West Pakistan sent Army to handle situation but all in vein. At that time, Mrs. Indira Gandhi was Indian Prime Minister. She took this advantage and fully supported to East Pakistan’s rebellions. Mrs. Gandhi sent Indian Army to East Pakistan. Pakistan once again failed to handle situation. Army Dictator of Pakistan Mr. Yahya Khan misunderstood ground level realty in East Pakistan. Although Mr. Khan requested United States of America’s President Mr. Nixon to raise this issue with India. Mr. Nixon called for Mrs. Gandhi not to do any wrong as per national interest of Pakistan, but Soviet Union came to shield India. Soviet Union dispatched its warship in Bay of Bengal. It was seemed that World was on stand on third world war. At this situation, Indian Army captured 90,000 Soldiers of Pakistan. Finally East Pakistan became a new country named BANGLADESH with immense support of India. Opposition Political Parties of India called Mrs. Gandhi as GODESS DURGA. She wounded Pakistan which could not be healed and cured. Pakistan was divided into two nations as West Pakistan into Pakistan and East Pakistan into Bangladesh.

Once again India was victorious and trampled Pakistan very mercilessly. India had found once again advantage to talk on Kashmir as per releasing 90,000 soldiers of Pakistan. After 1971 war, Pakistan Government was changed as per democratic exercise. Mr. Filfikar Ali Bhutto had chosen Prime Minister of Pakistan. Mrs. Indira Gandhi and Pakistan Prime Minister Mr. Zulfikar Ali Bhutto met at Shimla in India. Mr. Bhutto accepted its country’s defeat but requested to Mrs. Gandhi not to decide the fate of Kashmiris on the behalf of 1971 War. It was not final settlement of Jammu & Kashmir. He told her that Kashmir issue would be sorted out with bilateral meetings. Cease fire Line was re-named into Line of Control. Mrs. Gandhi agreed. It was also a blunder of Mrs. Gandhi as Prime Minister of India. Kashmir issue had once again gone into the darkness.


Although it is said that Terrorism had been started from 1989 but It was managed well before a decade. In 1980, The then Chief Minister Mr. Sheikh Abdullah renamed 2500 Villages into the name of Islam. All Hindu’s villages were become Islamic names. This step was very discriminative in the Jammu & Kashmir. It opposed but all in vein. Mr. Farukh Abdullah became Chief Minister of Jammu & Kashmir after death of his father Mr. Sheikh Abdullah. He blindly started discrimination between Hindu and Non-Hindu. He once in 1984 shared dias with Jammu & Kashmir Liberation Front in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir to oppose execution of Maqbool Bhat (A Terrorist of JKLF). This act of Mr. Farukh Abdullah embarrassed very much. Finally Then the Prime Minister of India Mrs. Indira Gandhi dismissed him as anti – India activities in July 1984. It was said that Mr. Farukh Abdullah was ready to be opened Training Camp of Khalistani Terrorists in Jammu. Mr. G. M. Shah was appointed Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir. Chief Minister were replaced but Anti – India Movement was on high. Newly Appointed Chief Minister had no base of supporters. In 1986, he decided to destruct an ancient temple in Jammu and made plan to construct a mosque in which Namaz would be done. This news was very inflammable. All Hindus in whole Jammu and Kashmir were erupted. Riots were started. Chief Minister Mr. M. G. Shah told his supporters that Islam is in danger. After that, Majority of Muslims kicked out Minority of Hindus from Kashmir Area. Only 3% Non-Muslim Population was left there. Females of Non-Muslims were raped and killed. Children were captured and killed mercilessly. Whole Kashmir area had been vacant from Non-Muslims. The then Home Minister of India Mr. Mufti Muhammad Saeed sat and did nothing to restore rights of Non-Muslims in the valley. At last Central Government of India slapped President Rule in the state. Army was deployed. But no any political parties except BJP went to Srinagar to know the situation of Kashmiri Pundits.


In 1999, Pakistani Army with Jihadi Groups and Trained Militants captured Kargil area which is connected Ladakh and Kashmir in winter season. It want not feasible for both Indian and Pakistan army to stay on Kargil Mountain during winter near Line of Control. Indian Army climb down Kargil but Pakistan Army infiltrated. When in summer Indian Army tried to back there, they fired at the Army Personnel. That is why, Kargil War broke down. At this same time, The then Prime Minister of India Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee went to Pakistan via road to meet The then Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Nawaz Sharif. Pakistan planned this deadly conspiracy against India and crossed LOC. Indian Army pushed back Pakistan Army till Line of Control. It was speculation for Nuclear war between India and Pakistan, but The then U.S. President Mr. Bill Clinton pressured on Pakistan to retreat. Indian Army took Kargil area back into Indian Occupied Kashmir.


People from especially from Kashmir area agitated aggressively against India because Jammu & Kashmir Government decided to give 100 acres of land to Amarnath Shrine Board for shelter of Amarnath Pilgrims in 2008. It was totally Muslim dominated area. An agitation was started massively. Although Indian Government provided shelter to Muslims Pilgrims without any objection. Indian Army timely responded and killed more than 35 protesters and at least 350 were arrested by Jammu & Kashmir Police. More than half dozen Pakistani flags were spotted in the protest and raised slogan for freedom on 18th August, 2008. Such a protest was planned by Pro-Independence Kashmiri Leader Mr. Mir Waiz Umar Farukh. It was quoted by TIME Magazine. Stone pelting acts had been also planned by Separatists Leaders. These Separatists are remote button of Pakistan. So such happened only for 100 acres land for hindus shelter.


In 2014, Congress led UPA Government was defeated by BJP led NDA. In this Lok Sabha Election, BJP came to power with 282 Member of Parliament in Lok Sabha. Full majority came with BJP. 272 Lok Sabha MPs out of 545 Lok Sabha Seats are needed for majority. The then Chief Minister of Gujarat Mr. Narendra Modi became Prime Minister of India. He tied whole nation as Tsunami of his leadership and goal. BJP formed government in Jammu and Kashmir with People Democratic Party Chief Mrs. Mahbooba Mufti. She became Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir in 2015. In 2019, BJP led NDA repeated its success and gained more than Lok Sabha Seats than 2014 Lok Sabha Election. After studies all course of Jammu and Kashmir, Modi Government decided to scrap Article 370 and Article 35A. On 5th of August 2019, President of India Mr. Ram Nath Kovind notified that The State Jammu and Kashmir has no longer special status of Article 370 and Article 35A. President of    India has full right of Legislative Assembly if President Rule occurs in the State so Jammu and Kashmir was under President Rule as per Article 356. After that, a bill was kept by Home Minister Mr. Amit Shah in Rajya Sabha to de-organize State Jammu & Kashmir into two Union Territories. First is Ladakh without Legislative Assembly and second was Jammu and Kashmir with Legislative Assembly. This bill was passed with more than two third majority in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha. In this way, Politics on Article 370 and Article 35A had been finished.


A Slur on India had been washed out after scrapping Article 370 and Article 35A. Such works can be done by a full majority Government. Commitment of Modi Government towards Terrorism is outstanding. Mr. Sheikh Abdullah only created hurdle for India, but Indian Government only supported him. Kashmiri Hindus were treated second class citizen in the state. They were kicked out from valley. Nobody went to Jammu and Kashmir to ask their wellness. Now Leaders of many political parties visited to Srinagar Airport. Many of them sued Indian Government in Supreme Court of India. All the natives and citizens of India must be joyed and pleasure that a problem 70 years on was trampled with Constitutional way. There is no unconstitutional step had been taken by Indian Government. It was totally game of Pakistani army and ISI (Pakistani Spy Agency).

At present, Pakistan is on the verge of bankrupt. Minimum requirements of its people cannot be fulfilled by Pakistan Authority. Pakistan always boasts for war against India. Every War fought between India and Pakistan, Pakistan paid heavy price, cannot understand its realty that it will never face India in war. Baluchistan raised continuously for its freedom from Pakistan. But Pakistan needs Kashmir. Those area which have with Pakistan, they could not provide democratic requirements as a responsible nation. Pakistan’s aggressiveness will end its existence as a nation near future, if Pakistan will not accept realty.


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