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G20 Summit, 2019 was held at OSAKA in Japan, one of leading Industrial Hub. Leaders of all Nineteen Countries and the European Union’s Representative gathered all together to discuss many economic and trading issues. Actually, G20 has both kinds of Nations. It is included Developed Nations and Developing Nations. It is not an organization like G7 where only Developed Countries are invited for their own National Interest. G20 Organization is like A GRAM PANCHAYAT where all the Rich and the Poor sit altogether and sort out problems of Village.

It is founded in 1999 to discuss Financial Issues at International Level. Summit is held once in a year. In 2008, it was expanded with Finance Ministers and Foreign Ministers of Organization’s Members. It is seen collectively that 90% of Grass World Product, 80% of World Trade, two-third of World Population and almost half land of World Living Land were covered by G20 Nations. This Organization does not blame any country, but find out Permanent Solution. All Supremo Leaders of their own countries put their financial issues and all Leaders and Guest Invitees International Monetary Fund, World Trade Organization’s Officials carry on Solution.


It is a burning question for World Leaders how to patch – up between Developed Nations and Developing Nations. Governments of Developed Nations have a problem to create Market for its production. These Nations have done its progress as Economical Power. They don’t have problems like Developing Nations. Economic Infrastructure developed at large scale. Its Firms give jobs to Citizen of Country. Requirements of its Public have been fulfilled. These Nations keep per Capita Income at a high rate, its production must be sold various other places where such requirements occur. Developed Nations have no market to sell its produced Materials. All Developed Nations are searching the market to dump its production. These countries are filled with Metro Services, Road Structure, Dams, Electricity, Irrigation, etc. all fundamental requirements. Developed Nations give Export Subsidy to its farmers by which Agricultural Goods come to International Markets. Farmers earn more and more money from Agriculture. These Countries are not only strengthening their farming but also improving day by day salaried persons. These Nations encouraged to give the full base for Entrepreneurships through various schemes.

On the other hand, Developing Countries are struggling to fill the Basic Requirements of its Citizens. These people need Economic Infrastructure like Roads, Dams, Electricity, Bridges, A Positive Environment, etc. Farmers produce Agricultural Goods, but don’t find a reasonable rate for it. These Countries have no Cold Storage to keep it. Farmers have been arrested due to such Unconditional Environments. Salaried Persons of Such Nations are very worried because Unemployment Rates are increasing day by day. These Nations have no resource to make their citizens as Entrepreneurs. These Countries are dependent on the help of Developed Nations. Developed Nations give help to Developing Countries because of exporting its goods in these countries. Developing Nations are unable to provide Basic Requirements for its Citizens.

These are much difference between Developed Nations and Developing Nations. Nobody knows on where, on what, on which point, on how these two different groups of Nations will support each other. A group wants to sell its Production and second are unable to earn its livelihood. At this stage, How a Poor Country enjoy Apple I Phones when Farmers commit suicide on a daily basis. It has been total anarchy to settle down two different worlds.


At this time, World Politics is going through a very delicate time. Pacts and Treaties are being re-examined those have been finalized by the previous government. The decision of Former Governments is being changed at large. Every Nation either Developed or Developing takes only its own National Interest. There is nobody who could care about Under-Developed Countries. These Nations have struck badly in Poverty Circle. These Countries are being led by a group of Self Interest People. They don’t have responsibility and accountability. Some Such Countries have enough Natural Resource, but due to the lack of money, it cannot be explored.

A dispute between China and Japan in the South China Sea’s islands create an open gate for disturbance in Eastern International Politics. Both countries have not reached a consensus point. North Korea with moral support from China carries World in the depth trouble. The United States of America tries its best to interrupt the North Korea Nuclear Program. North Korea threatens continuously to Japan.

Donald Trump Administration de-legalized Nuclear Pact with Iran. This was the pact done Barak Obama Administration in 2015. President Donald Trump wants New Nuclear Pact in which the United States of America could get financial benefits. Tension with Mexico for building a wall on the border is accelerating. Refugees are dying on the way to American Dreams.

India and Pakistan remain on top spot with its Kashmir business issues. Kashmir issue has been business for Kashmiri and Pakistan. China also supports Pakistan for CPEC (China – Pakistan Economic Corridor). It is a part of Border – Road Initiatives.

Every Country sets tariff on imported goods to sell DESI Goods in the Country. At this time, the Balance of Trade is going Negative Value. Difference between India and China is very high on the basis of Import and Export Goods from both Countries. China exports a large scale to India as per Chinese Goods Demand. India cannot export its goods to china because of Low Demand of Indian Goods in China.


According to the Asian Development Bank, India and China can play a very important role in G20. Differences between these Nations occur the huge setback each other. At Present, Both Countries have the largest human resource. Developing Human Resource’s rate is also very high. The Lifestyle of both countries is changing day by day. G20 is for Financial Focus Group along with Inclusive Growth. It must be re-considered to Leaders of both countries.

Other nations like Japan, Singapore, Saudi Arab, etc. have its National Interest. Almost all countries in G20 are watching only own National Interest. The United States of America also raises concern on tariff for a bike with India. Such Group can survive after becoming a large-hearted nation.

There are no countries now which think about Under-Developed Nations. Developed Nations are searching Markets in Developing Countries to sell its Products. Developing Countries save them from increasing tariff on Imported Goods. This fight between Developed Nations and Developing Nations would be continued as per National Interest. The world needs to help and co-operate Under-Developed Countries so that Number of Developing Countries could increase.


Members of the G20 Organization must be increased with Under – Developed Countries. Financial and Trading Groups can do well for the World when Representatives of All Section would be available for negotiations.


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Vipin upadhyay

Vipin upadhyay