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Now a day, India and China have been the backbone of the World Economy. Both are working as Engine. India and China have the largest human resource. Through this source, both dominate across the world. Both countries have made some key organizations like BRICS (BRAZIL, RUSSIA, INDIA, CHINA & SOUTH AFRICA) and SCO (SHANGHAI CORPORATION ORGANIZATION) altogether. Both are coming out from developing to developed. India and China both got freedom in 1947 and 1949 respectively. India’s relation with China was too strong from ancient times. But it is suffering from 1950 when China denied accepting Arunachal and Sikkim as Indian Territories. Chinese Government does not follow MACMOHAN LINE which was made by the British Government. That is the bone of contention between the two countries.

India was the torch bearer for giving recognition to PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF CHINA over the REPUBLIC OF CHINA. The Republic of China now exists in TAIWAN. India was the first Non-Communist Country which accepts the People’s Republic of China. In the exchange of such gesture from India, China in 1950 did not accept Mac Mohan Line. It gave a huge setback of Nehru’s Diplomacy towards China. After that, China controlled all area of Tibet. India was thinking that would be a free zone. Thousands of Indians went to KAILASH MANSAROVAR YATRA. It has been totally shut down by China. Dalai Lama has been Fugitive in India. He constructed his Government in Exile. In this way, China took over control on Tibet and did not accept MAC Mohan Line.

Now it has been clear, Relation with the Chinese Government would not be going sweet. Nehru Jee never prepared India for War. He led NON-ALIGNMENT MOVEMENT. That was totally fruitless. Nehru Jee gave the slogan “HINDI CHINI, BHAI BHAI.” It was a total failure when China attacked India in 1962. Indian Army did not have the proper quantity of bullets that befitting reply could be given to China. In this way, China took hundreds of Kilo Meter Indian Territory within 3 days. At that time, Communist Parties were very happy that Communism was spreading in India with the help of the Chinese Army.

 India and China’s Relation was not good by 1977. China had given full support to Pakistan during the 1965 and 1971 War. India in 1971 signed a pact with Russia by which Russia shielded India during 1971 War. Chinese Government told the Indian Government “A STOOGE OF RUSSIA.” In 1977, JANATA PARTY came to Power and eradicated Congress Government. Samajwadi Neta Jay Prakash Narayan played a key role to oust Congress Government. Mr. Moraraji Desai became first Non-Congressi Prime Minister of India. Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee was made Foreign Minister of India.  He went to China for a long time. Due to his Diplomacy, Indian Devotees started their Pilgrimage to Kailash Mansarovar. At Present, A lot of Indian Labourers work in Gulf Countries. It is also due to Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee. After a short time, the Janata Party Government could not survive.

When Mr. Rajeev Gandhi became Prime Minister, he went to China. It was not fruitful like Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s visit. There are some military Confrontations with Chinese Military during patrolling along the Border in 1967 and 1987. But it has been solved after a short period. Now India has been very weak as per Economy. Mr. P V Narsimha Rao had become Prime Minister of India. He was India's Best Prime Minister. Due to his long term vision, he made China Friend only for Economic Activities. Border Issue is a long issue to resolve but India and China could cooperate on SAME INTEREST’S  ISSUES like Employment, Poverty, Education, Investment, etc. Narasimha Rao Government gave free hand to Dr. Man Mohan Singh. It is totally the contribution of P V Narasimha Rao where India now stands. He was the backbone of Indian Economic Progress.

Trade has been started with a leap and frog between India and China. China had better industrial hub so its products piled in India. As result Balance of Trade went in favor of China. Indians use almost everything made by China. Trade Deficit had been more than US62 Billion Dollar by 2017-18. It is an alarming time for India.

Through this Period, Only Economic Development was done by now. Border Issue remains the same. India believes in MACMOHAN LINE but China pressurizes on LINE OF ACTUAL CONTROL. Former Presidents of China Mr. JIANG ZEMIN and HU JINTAO never took interest to solve Border Issue. India Prime Ministers like HD DEVEGOWDA, IK GUJRAL spent very less time in office. Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee lived in Office for 5 Year a time. Vajpayee Government tried its best but the Chinese Authority did not accept MANMOHAN LINE. But Vajpayee Government made China accepted that Sikkim is the full-time part of India in 2003. It was the biggest achievement of India by now as per Border Issue.

In 2004, Dr. Man Mohan Singh was made Prime Minister of India by UPA led Congress Government. Mr. Singh was a STOOGE OF SONIA GANDHI. There was no improvement in Border Issue, only Economic Cooperation and same interest issues are going on. During this period, China and Pakistan came very close. China made CPEC through Pakistan Occupied Kashmir.

In 2014, A Strong Leader was discovered by Indian Mandate. During this time, China started the OBOR Project (ONE BELT, ONE ROAD). India has many problems with OBOR. India is not part of the OBOR Project. It is a total violation of Sovereignty. China made CPEC as per OBOR Projects. India told China that Kashmir is a disputed place between India and Pakistan, then how a road can be made by another country. China offers Loan to Economic Weak Countries to invest in OBOR Project. Such a Situation would be very dangerous when Road and Belt Project completed and China would be the BOSS of All Nations.

Doklam Issue also created in 2017. This place is situated in Bhutan. Actually, it is a triangle surrounded by India, China, and Bhutan. China began road construction in Doklam and India inducted itself to interrupt China. That was a very severe incident. It might take place the WAR between India and China. Both countries along with Bhutan solved this issue very effectively. Status Qua took place at last. In this way, the Relation between India and China is not going well situation. Economic Strengthen is a positive sign.  


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