By:-RAHUL KUMAR MISHRA||11 - Jun - 2019

Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur has given Lok Sabha Ticket from Bhopal Constituency by BJP. This seat kept on with BJP for a long time. Sadhvi Pragya was framed in Bomb Blast by UPA Government after Malegaon Bomb Blast. At this prestigious seat, Congress has fielded its stalwart leader Former Chief Minister Mr. Digvijay Singh who was a pioneer of spreading SAFFRON TERROR TERM against RSS Ideology in the country. SAFFRON TERROR TERM was used firstly in FRONTLINE MAGAZINE in 2002. Now, Election Fight would be very interesting between Sadhvi Pragya and Mr. Digvijay Singh in Bhopal Constituency.

Although the UPA Government framed and linked many terror attacks with SAFFRON TERROR. At that time, ATS forcefully made confession to Accused. First of all, It came in limelight after SAMJHAUTA EXPRESS BLAST in 2007 during the tenure of UPA Government. At least 50 people have been killed in Pakistan - Bound Train. Maharashtra ATS framed SWAMI ASEEMANAND, A pracharak OF RSS for a blast along with Mr. Prasad Shrikant Purohit, An Indian Army Officer and a Member of ABHINAV BHARAT. Both have confessed involvement in Blast due to the pressure of ATS. After that, the U.S. also told that LASHKAR – E TAIYBBA can be responsible for the bombing in SAMJHAUTA EXPRESS. But it has been ignored by UPA Government.

The second one is AJMER DARGAH ATTACK in 2007. It was blast outside of KHWAJA MOINUDDIN CHISHTI DARGAH in Ajmer. Four persons were arrested by ATS. All connections were roped against RSS. UPA Government wanted to frame RSS for such terror attacks because they could lose the election by RSS Stronghold in the country. They wanted to defame RSS so that nobody would be interested and started in RSS Ideology.

The third attack was MALEGAON BLAST in 2008. There were three persons arrested including 20-year-old Sadhvi Pragya. She was the member of BJP YOUTH WING AKHIL BHARTIYA VIDYARTHI PARISHAD. She was beaten mercilessly with black and blue by ATS for confession. Her waist and both legs have been paralyzed. By now, she cannot walk well. She was said to confess against RSS, never did it.

The fourth one is in Hyderabad. Mecca Masjid blast took place in 2007 too. In this case, also, SIT HYDERABAD framed 4 RSS PERSONS for the bombing. After that, LASHKAR – E TAIYBA Terrorist SHAIK ABDUL KHAJA ALIAS AMKAZ was identified for the blast in MUCCA MASZID in Hyderabad.

In 2018, NIA Court acquitted all accused lack of evidence. All 226 witnesses were looked into but all did not link it with terror blasts. In this way, it is seen how the UPA Government framed wrong charges on Persons belonged to RSS for defaming it. They destroyed such person career. They were strolling hither and thither.

Sadhvi Pragya is also a victim of false charges against her. She is now contesting against Diggy Raja who demonstrated BHAGWA TERROR across the world. Bhopal must teach a lesson to Such a leader for his irresponsible activities.

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