By:-RAHUL KUMAR MISHRA||11 - Jun - 2019

To go to Religious places in the India, it has its own importance. There is nobody who visits to the Temple without reason. Such things are learned from higher and low income groups. India’s First Prime Minister always told countrymen that Research Centres, Universities, Dams, Canals, etc. are modern temples and we should worship it because it has been changed environment of society from western countries to eastern countries across the world.

There is huge population in the india who attached themselves with their respective religious rituals. Students offer prayers to God for good marks or grades in the exam, Salaried persons do for good appraisal, Unemployed knock the door of God for employment. Religious activities are done by the poor for beliefs, by the rich for rituals, by politicians for showing to huge population.

Temple Run has become a sacred place for canvassing during the election. Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi always visits temple where he goes for campaigning. Politics Pandits understand that it is a medium for connecting with voters, so they also follow. Congress President Mr. Rahul Gandhi never visited hardly in the temple, but now he never forgets to offer prayers in the temple. During Vidhan Sabha Election in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, he went to the temple for votes and played a card of SOFT HUNDUTVA. Finally these states came into the pocket of Congress.

It is only done to counter Mr. Narendra Modi’s Visits to the temple. Mr. Narendra Modi since childhood is worshipper of God as per Hindu Mythology. It is not a new action for campaigning during election. He always goes to the temple for his firm believes on the Hindutva. He offered prayers not only during the election but also his official visits.

There was a time when the election had come, all politicians started their visits DARGAH for Muslim Voters. If SACRED MONTH OF RAMZAN came, they had bitter competition who arranged ROZA IFTAAR PARTY. Now it has been disappear from Indian Politics because they are now on TEMPLE RUN.  They offer prayers in the temple only for HINDU Votes, not his beliefs.

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