By:-RAHUL KUMAR MISHRA||11 - Jun - 2019

NDA Government has done an excellent job for India. It works every nook and corner growth and development. Now Country is standing at the eleventh hour to choose the New Central Government. When NDA Government had come in power in 2014, it found baseless sovereignty. It needs to work systematically and strategically for national pride for India. It was said for Indian Prime Minister as “A DEHATI AURAT”. There were a number of challenges to face, but the NDA Government did extremely great works for re-shaping to India.

In this series, the Indian Government was almost out of money. It did not have money to buy Fighter Jets. Indian Air Force used rarely used Fighter Jets. NDA Government created diplomatic pressure on China, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Maldives etc. It maintained a close relation with G-8 Nations. NDA Government had started Bullet Train Project with the help of the Japanese Government. The deal had been finalized with France for purchasing Rafale Fighter Jets.

After that, the Doklam Issue raised a grave concern on National Security and National Interest. This was advertised heavily by Print and Electronic Media. Indian Government tackled this issue with very hard diplomacy. Finally, China agreed with the facts given by Indian Authority. This matter showed the solidification of Government.

Pakistan Spy Agency ISI always creates hurdle in Kashmir. NDA Government had given FREE-HAND to Indian Army in Kashmir by which Terrorism in Kashmir is on the back foot. There is no measure terror attack within 5 years. Uri took place, but Indian Authority retaliated strongly and did Surgical Strike on the launch pad cross the border. Indian Army had done it in Myanmar earlier. It was the first time in India when Indian Army crossed the border for Surgical Strike. Pathan Kot attack was also a concern. NDA Government handled it beautifully and gave a chance to Islamabad to do something against Terror. But all are in vain. Finally, the NDA Government had to take strict action.

When Election Campaign has been started, Jaish – e – Mohammad did a notorious attack on CRPF Personnel in Pulwama. At this time once again, the NDA Government took tit for tat action against Terror. Indian Air Force bombed on Training Camp of Jaish – e – Mohammad in Balakot. At the time of the bombing, NTRO told at least 300 active sim cards in use. It means lots of terrorists were buried. Indian Air Force Commander Abhinanadan was captured by Pakistan Army. Due to the diplomatic pressure, Islamabad had to be freed Commander Abhinandan.

Now, this is high time election so choose the right government so that it can carry the nation’s expectation. If our Prime Minister would strong, we also will be strong. If we would be strong, Our Country always would be strong.


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