By:-RAHUL KUMAR MISHRA||11 - Jun - 2019

India once again stands with citizens of India where Indians would franchise their votes to make a new government in 2019. This is not an election here, but it is a festival. Indian citizens observe the working of Government, use their voting rights. Almost Five years time period has come to end. The public must watch the working culture of the Central Government. NDA Government has delivered excellent works for growing economic bases.

First of all NDA Government opened Bank Account of people with the help of JAN DHAN ACCOUNT SCHEME. NDA Government made bank account number connected with ADHAAR NUMBER and PAN CARD. It means any kind of transaction made by someone, has been watched carefully. NDA Government used such Bank Account to deposit demonetized notes of Rs. 500 & Rs. 1000 so that it could find out how much amount has been deposited.

Then the NDA Government has saved Banks from bankruptcy. It demonetized all Rs. 500 & Rs. 1000 notes. Before the demonetization, India had two Currency Economies. First was white Currency which was showed to Banks and taxes were also applicable to it. The second one was Black Currency. It was unknown. Taxes were not paid such black money or currency. Due to demonetization, Black Money with taxes was deposited in the Bank. That is why the Purchasing Power of the Bank increased and started its usual business. A system of Black money or currency had been almost finished.

Now it was must important to increase tax collection within the country. Central Government brought with GOODS & SERVICES TAX. This system has been done online IGST Number. Everybody is in business gets IGST Number. Due to such services, Tax Evasion eradicated and tax collection within the country had increased. It is very suspicious controversy in the country that people can buy car worth to 10 lakhs or 12 lakhs, but they do not come tax slab. It is necessary to bring such creamy layers in Tax Collection.

Now it can be seen in the country everywhere. If a country’s Tax Collection would be strong, money will flow in the government. All kind of welfare scheme would be run. Sophisticated weapons would be purchased for its regional security. This NDA Government has done a lot for Tax Reforms more than Vote Bank Politics.


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