By:-RAHUL KUMAR MISHRA||07 - Jun - 2019

Some persons in our society never die or expire. They always surround us with his works and personality. Nature lives with those miracle personalities. As we know, God always needs such great personalities in his own world.

Manohar Parrikar was such a positive terrific personality. He was born in Goa, smallest state area wise in India. He was a Marathi Brahman. He joined in RSS during his schooling. He was first IITian in India who became Member of Legislative Assembly in Goa. He became Chief Instructor in RSS during his education time. He was alumna of IIT Bombay. If he would have wanted, could settle his career on foreign soil. He chose Politics so that he could change the country.

He became Chief Minister of Goa. He bloomed KAMAL in Goa. He was once front runner to become President of BJP. His simplicity reached him epitome of success through public service. He changed politics of Goa forever. He was a bridge between church and temple in Goa.

As per request of Central Government, he became Defence Minister of India. He worked very swiftly. During his tenure, Surgical Strike had been carried out. His role was very crucial. Unfortunately he returned back to Goa as Chief Minister. His attitude of working created high morale of the Army. He was a mascot of Honesty and simplicity. He always wore half sleeve shirt, formal pant and sandal. Such a great personality rarely appears on the earth.

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