By:-RAHUL KUMAR MISHRA||07 - Jun - 2019

I was very afraid of the train when my father scolded and beat me for playing Kancha. He was a fruit seller and wanted that I must have helped him. I felt very depressed. I caught a Mumbai bound train. Fortunately, I alighted off the train at Kalyan Railway Station where I found some restless persons who wanted to monetize their natural capability. I saw crowded platforms were filled for waiting for Local Trains. Everybody was connecting oneself to board on the train. Now it has been 10 ten years to spend here, the time has come to return home for treatment for my father. I was by now a successful seller of vegetables in Mumbai like a metro city. He was very angry when he beat me for not playing with Gully Boys.

The preparation was at its final stage. I had to catch a train for Banaras. I had a number of memories of my childhood. Finally, I reached Varanasi Cantt. There was nobody who could welcome and receive me. I was away about 10 years from my birthplace. It was very terrific to persuade myself.

Suddenly, a call came from one of my childhood friends. He told me to come at Manikarnika ghat where last rites take place to Dead persons. Once I tremble and shun. A thought came to my mind, I lost somebody very close. But I learned a lot to live in Mumbai where people die on the road without treatment. I had become a habit to face it. After thinking it, I managed myself.”All is well”. I depicted dialogue from Three Idiots Movie.

At last, I arrived there. I saw numerous dead bodies were being burnt as per ritual of Hindu Mythology. My younger brother had become tonsured. I thought, ”but why?” suddenly I gazed the pale face of my father for whom I returned back after ten years. I was stunned and unmovable. What to do and what to express? I did not realize. I was in deep grief to lose someone who made my life to scold and beat me so that I left those friendship circles were to divert me from helping my father.

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