By:-RAHUL KUMAR MISHRA||07 - Jun - 2019

Cricket is the sport of Elite Group of people. It is played hardly in 20 Nations in which only 12 Countries play cricket on a regular basis. India is always a strong contender for ICC Tournament after winning World Cup in 1983 led by Legendary Player Kapil Dev. India also wins world cup 2011 led by Charismatic MS Dhoni.

World Cup 2019 is very near. No more time left for its preparation. It needs very much to practice and right direction to move. Recently ahead of World Cup, Host India lost ODI Series and Twenty Twenty Series against novice Australia after leading 2-0. Australian Batsmen and Bowlers did a terrific job to defeat mighty India in its den.

Nobody was being expected such a result. Everybody thought India would show its preparation for World Cup 2019. But the result is totally different. India must have kept MS Dhoni in the last two games. If the series would have been decided by third ODI, Dhoni can be rested. Dhoni is not only a keeper batsman in the team but also one of the best game changer and reader. It would be easy to Indian Captain Kohli to take advice from Dhoni.

At this time, Dhoni is one of the best middle order batsman. There is nobody in competition for wicket keeping skill. Such skills have been created and made by Dhoni. Dhoni can be a game changer in the World Cup. It must be considered by Team Management.

One of the most talking points is to choose Rishabh Pant over Dinesh Kartik. Dinesh Karthik is a very good batsman and a reliable wicket keeper. He can bat as per situation of the team on the field. Rishabh is purely a heater. After the World Cup, Rishabh could be included in the team. India must keep the best team in ICC Tournament. Rishabh failed to utilize the absence of Kartik and Dhoni. He batted upper, middle and lower batting order but did not score well.

Australian Team has no inclusion of Steven Smith and David Warner. Its bowling has no big gun, but they played as a unit in both ODI and Twenty Twenty Series. Pitches were flat. There was nothing disturbing point. Indian team constantly changed batting and bowling order. Australian team took advantage of it. Indian Team gave an advantage to Opponent ahead of World Cup 2019. Preparation of World Cup hurt more and more. If a team is going to play a big tournament, Batting and bowling order must be clear and decisive.

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