By:-RAHUL KUMAR MISHRA||07 - Jun - 2019

Brexit is a technical word encrypted by the United Kingdom. It means the United Kingdom would be withdrawn from the European Union. It has been set a target time at 11:00 PM on 29th March 2019. The United Kingdom would exit from Europe as per political, educational and economic engagements. The United Kingdom would be treated as an outsider in Europe Continent. All the economical facility would be brought down. It would be a grave and disastrous step of United Kingdom.

European Union formerly was named 1993. Before, it was called European Communities. The United Kingdom became part of this organization in 1973. At that time, the Conservative party was in power. They took the decision to join it for taking on the United States and Russia. Both nations United Kingdom and Russia locked horn after the Second World War. All over the world had been divided into two parts. Almost Every country was with either United States pro or Russia pro. In that situation, European strong nations were struggling to save their identity. So European Nations made such an organization.

The beginning of the European Union had been informally started in 1951. One by one all nations of Europe understood the strength of unity and formed it. Its purpose was not to counter the United States and Russia. It wanted to churn out economic benefits as raw materials from Developing and Under-Developed Nations. Economical Condition of European Union improved but differences in Education Pattern created a major hurdle. The educational system of the United Kingdom is better than any other European Country. As per the European Union Treaty, Students would be free to choose their educational institution in Europe.

Majority of students in Europe attracted more with United Kingdom’s Educational System. That is why they moved to the United Kingdom to study. It was the bell of danger for the student of the United States. It is a bone of contention.

Many times, When the Labour Party came to power, the referendum took place but it supported to remain in the European Union. Completion among the student, it had been an inflammable issue in 2015. At that time, Prime Minister David Cameron promised a new referendum for Brexit. A referendum took place on 23rd June 2016 and 51.9% Voters did not remain with the European Union. Finally, David Cameron resigned as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. His Internal Minister Theresa May took over as Prime Minister of United Kingdom. She is trying hard not to remain with the European Union.

Meanwhile, the Referendum Party and United Kingdom Independence Party were formed to be ousted the United Kingdom from the European Union. Recently, the House of Commons remained with the European Union and voted down demand to withdraw from the European Union. It has been a street fight for the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom can either save its intellectual property or economical property. It has been clear by now.

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