By:-RAHUL KUMAR MISHRA||07 - Jun - 2019

Election Commission has announced the date of Lok Sobha Election. Every Political Party is leaving no stone unturned to tackle Public. Indian public is very emotional because they cast their vote on the basis of Religion, Regionalism, Castes, Emotionalism etc. India is one of the best democratic countries in the world. Almost 90 Crores Indians are adults who franchise their vote for building the Indian Government. There are people who belong to different religions and cultures. They choose a government that would run and lead the country without discrimination.

There is a festival of the election. Elections are held every year as per requirements, but the curiosity of Lok Sabha Election is a very high spirit. Public know that so and so the candidate is not good as per representative of their constituency, but they franchise their vote in favour of BAHUBALI NETA & CORRUPTS. Indian gives their vote for cash and wine. After election, they appear before their Representative as SLAVE.

If a person casts his vote in favour of caste and religion, how can he ask his representative for the development of his constituency? It happens only in India where CRIMINALS, CORRUPTS, BAHUBALI NETA etc. win elections after distribution cash and wine in the election.  Roads, Electricity, Bridges, Unemployment etc. are the only slogan to fool a honest citizen. It does not take place in India.

Indian Media is busy to show on its news channel that DAADI and POTI have the same nose category. It never discusses real issues on which Election must be fought. India is the only country in the world where Political Party is not a political party. It has become FAMILY FIRM & A MEDIUM of RAJ BHOG in world largest democratic country. It is not predictable what Indians think about Election. All the elections in India like Lok Sabha, Vidhan Sabha, Panchayat, Parshad have same agenda Electricity, Unemployment, Road etc. but Indians never found solution of such a mainstream issue by now.

There is a trend to save their family firm to fight the election with GATHBANDHAN. Some alliance become before the election or some after election. They do it only to spend more and more time in Government for earning money to establish their bastion. Indian Government has enough money to fulfil the primary demands of the Public. There is COMMISSIONGIRI everywhere in India.

Indians must choose a responsible government which would be able to sort out at least primary issues of the country. They must deny cash and wine system for casting vote. Attention of all world leaders and world media aim Indian Elections because there is a market where 125 crores customers live.

If Indians cast their votes for progressive development, it would very positive effect in the world. Indians will earn all fundamental facilities along with lots respect from world media and dismantle such political parties which run the family business.

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