By:-RAHUL KUMAR MISHRA||07 - Jun - 2019

War itself is a super destroyer word. It gives a number of benefits. But how and why? War took, takes and will take place everywhere. It has created many countries and spoiled many countries. It is also now working to create or destroy history. War was fought since time immemorial.

If we discuss after second world war, we will find that war took place in democratic governments. When kings were existed, war was happened due to riff-raff things. But from 1945, we can observe that war was fought among democratic countries. As example, it can be counted war between India and Pakistan, North Korea and South Korea, Israel and Palestine, West Germany and East Germany etc. We must think why such war was fought. United States entered in Vietnam, Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan as per its own diplomacy.

All countries mentioned above, all of them are neighbour. Developed Nations fought each other and destroyed its young generation and economy. These countries did not fight one another, it was made them fought to create false propaganda because developed Nations like United States, England, Russia, France etc. was to sell its sophisticated weapons and sold it very tactically and strategically.

These developed countries gave some favour and financial helps to war led countries. United States made F-16 Fighter Jet, Russia made Sukhoi, France made Mirage. War led countries were approached to sell it and told them advantage on their enemy countries. That is why, F-16, Sukhoi, Mirage etc. were bought by War led Countries.

War led countries struck in economic crisis. Now developed nations gave debt to them. All sophisticated weapons are being sold by these developed nations to such countries. War led countries cannot afford minimum requirements of its citizen like foods, employment, housing etc, but they brought, bring and will bring such a sophisticated weapons.

Government of these developed nations are being run by Industrialists. They are in the government or funding to political parties so that they could take advantage to sell their products in War led countries. This is a propaganda of war. War is not solution of problems. It must understand these countries not to weaken their economy and young generation for the fear of war.

These developed nations only creates an environment to sell their weapons to developing and under – developed countries. War led countries must re-consider their strategy to counter such a grave problem for its own country for sake of its forth coming generation.

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