By:-RAHUL KUMAR MISHRA||07 - Jun - 2019

Kashmir has been hell of the Earth. It was said, ”Kashmir is heaven of Earth.” Naturally Kashmir is a state of Natural Beauty. Bur after 1990, it has become a Slur. There is a grave problem of Kashmiri who want a new nation or choose Pakistan. They eat of India and give preference to New Nation or Pakistan.

It started at 1947 when India and Pakistan both got freedom. There was a common point for partition of India and Pakistan based on population. At that time, two princely states Kashmir and Hyderabad wanted its own freedom and nation. Both states were Muslim majority, but both wanted freedom. Hyderabad was emerged in India due to Military Force. Pakistan attacked on Kashmir to emerge and pushed the army of King of Kashmir Hari Singh. King Hari Singh was very frightened and wrote to Indian Government for help. Sardar Ballabh Bhai Patel was Internal affairs of india. He sent Indian Army to Kashmir and pushed back to Pakistan Army. Prime Minister Jawahar Lal Nehru went to United Nations. United Nations told India and Pakistan to stop war. War had been stopped. There was a line between India and Pakistan in Kashmir, that is called, “Line of Control.” India has 55% area and Pakistan has 45% area. Situation is status qua by now.

Pakistan always tried to push back Indian Army for full control on Kashmir. Both nations fought in 1965 and Indian won. But India lost won war in Tashkand. In 1971, Pakistan was in deep trouble in East Pakistan due to Civil War. Prime Minister Indira Gandhi divided Pakistan into two parts. It is called “Bangladesh”. Pakistan humiliated and poured in dust. But once again, India lost won war against Pakistan in Shimla.

Now, Pakistan started to avoid face to face war against India. It started another way to take control on Kashmir. In 1980, a war broke out between Russia and Afghanistan. Due to cold war against Russia, United States supplied huge military components to Afghanistan with help of Pakistan because it was evergreen friend of United States. Finally war was won by Afghanistan when Afghanistan Army broke into mountains, Russia Army did not understand this plan and defeated.

Army equipments supplied by United States, had been moved towards Kashmir by Pakistan secret Agency ISI. Kashmiri Militancy had started to free from 55% area of India. It is continued by now to take total control on Kashmir. ISI roped a number of terrorist groups to attack on India because of not face to face attack.

Now, In Kashmir, Army has been deployed but Separatist leaders with help of Pakistan do not want peace in Kashmir. Their own children are taking higher education in Foreign University of Developed Nations, they made pelting stone thrown in Kashmir Valley. Indian politicians also helped and help directly or indirectly to Separatist Leaders. It is very critical time for Indian Government to test its patience. Indian Government must trample such a grave situation to save Kashmir at any cost.

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