By:-RAHUL KUMAR MISHRA||07 - Jun - 2019

At present, Everybody is busy to justify Balakot Airstrike. Indian Government and Opposition allege each other for overlooking National Security. Indian Public is confused what is right or wrong. News channels are engaged itself for paid news. News papers have been a soft prey of these political parties. Who is printing or showing genuine news? It is questionable.

In 2016, Uri attack took place. All political parties criticised and gave full support to Central Government to take strict action against Terrorism. Central Government gave free hand Indian Army. Indian Army planned to teach a lesson to Terrorist Groups of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. Indian Army did surgical strike in which at least 45 terrorists were killed and many launch pads of terrorists were destroyed. Opposition started dogfight with Central Government if Surgical Strike had been done or not. Such internal conflict spread all over the world. If members of the family would raise such a grave situation, what will happen in world community?

In 2019, A suicide Bomber of Kashmir killed more than 40 CRPF Personnel in Pulwama. Suicide bomber had taken training in Jaish – E- Mohammad’s Training Camp in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. Jaish –E-Mohammad took responsibility of attack. This time also all Indian political parties support to Central Government to take decisive steps against terrorism. At this time, Central Government instructed and directed to all three wings of Indian Army.

Indian Air Force decided to attack on BALAKOT which is seemed MUCCA and MADINA of Terrorism and Jihad. This place is not situated in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, but KHYBER STATE in Pakistan. It is more than 80 km far away from Line of Control. Indian Air Force went and destroyed targeted places given by NTRO. At least, 300 Mobile Phones were active before execution of Indian Air Force. It is not possible to count dead bodies of Terrorists when air strike takes place.

At this time, once again, Political Parties of India want how many dead bodies were there. As per mobiles signals, it is said nearly 300 Terrorists were there, but Parties need proof. What an image of Indian Political System are going to International Politics. Indian Public had voted full majority government in 2014 after 30 years. Central Government is working well at every area of country establishment. Opposition is very desperate to topple Central Government for its own personal interests. Indian Public is not in trouble, on the contrary, Opposition is disturbed for its existence if Central Government kept on working such way.

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