By:-RAHUL KUMAR MISHRA||07 - Jun - 2019

Indian opposition parties have been mad for evidence on Indian Air Strike on Balakot. Indian Air Force gave its clarification saying,” We hit our target, counting casualties is not task for us.” As we know that Mirage 2000 had entered bluntly in Pakistan and strike on Balakot which is situated on Khyber, not Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. This place is located almost 80 km from LOC. Indian Mirage 2000 had gone to hit target. If they would have strike on mountains or forest, no need to go to Balakot. They can hit it in POK.

42 CRPF Personnel were killed in Suicide Attack in Pulwama. Jaish – e – Mohammad has taken responsibility of this suicide attack. It is done by Kashmiri Youth whose was given training POK.

Indian Government has taken a strong action against Jaish – e – mohammad. 12 mirage 2000 fighter jets entered in Pakistan and destroyed training camp of Jaish – e – mohammad. In response from Pakistan, their 3 F-16 fighter jets were coming to attack on Military establishment in Kashmir. But mighty Indian air force foiled their collective attack. By defending its military establishment, MIG-21 Bason strike and destroyed one of F-16 fighter jets. But MIG-21 Bason has crashed due to technical reason. MIG-21 is called “FLYING COFFIN”.

But Indian opposition parties speak language of enemy country, not opposition language. It is very unfortunate foe sake of country and dedicated Indian army.

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