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Since Childhood, I have a strong connection with National and International Issues. I express myself on all those issues which are surrounding at National & International Issues. At present, World Leaders are going through a very difficult time in their respective country. Globalization, Privatization, Tariffs, Border Issues, Nuclear Energy, Balance of Trade, etc, issues are being circulated at the World Diplomatic Arena. In National Issues like Poverty, Employment, Developing Countries Issues, Developed Countries Issues, Under-Developed Countries Issues has been inflammable Nationalism Criteria. Actually, A few Countries are searching Markets for its Production and Most of the Countries have been prey for such Countries. Some are struggling to save them from such Nations.


Now I have a strong desire to do something in this field by which All Knowledge-Demanded People on such Issues could get benefits. To Know what is going in the World Scenario at Diplomatic End. I will leave no stone unturned to satisfy my Readers and Watchers Expectations.